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I would like to use Agenda to track my deadlines. As such, I’m using the #Due(date) tag to mark when a project or project stage is due. I can easily see how to search for a specific date and have created an overview search to find anything due(today). What I’d like to be able to do for my start-of-week review is to see all the things that are due this week. Is there a syntax that will let me search for Due(this week)? I’ve tried different variants, but nothing seems to work.


I don’t think you can do this at the moment, I’m afraid. Our search machinery is not yet powerful enough to express that.

We do plan to improve search in future, including those aspects.

Have you actually tried the syntax #due(5 days) or #due(1 week) etc, that should be supported and should give more or less what you want. You can also save this as a smart overview (premium feature). In other words, what we don’t support is “this week” type queries, but we do support “the next x days, x weeks or x months” type queries, which at the start of the week would allow you to see everything for that week.

For completion sake, here’s the kind of queries we support at this moment:
#due(1 day)
#due(5 days)
#due(-1 day)
#due(1 week)
#due(2 weeks)
#due(3 months)
#due(5 days ago)
#due(1 month ago)


None of the above queries for me are working… Maybe I’m linking dates the wrong way, since there are several link prompts to choose from. The result is duplicate events.

When I type #due(today) in the search field, nothing comes up. And when I try #due(tomorrow) again nothing comes up in the search. I actually have many items in Agenda scheduled for today and tomorrow.

I believe I figured out my mistake. Do I create duetags at the time that I first create an item?

Is this on iOS, macOS or both?

This is on iOS.

Ok, we indeed had a similar report, we’ll investigate.

I’m having the same problem on macOS. You can carry out “due” searches on key words (like today, tomorrow etc.), but you can’t save all of them as functioning smart overviews. Thus an overview based on #due(today) doesn’t work at all, and a #due(tomorrow) overview doesn’t work as you might expect – it effectively works as “due in next 2 days” (which is fine, if that’s what you’re expecting). I’m using a “due in 2 days” overview as a catch all (this gives me all due dates over the next couple of days). So this still needs a bit of work.

You are correct. I thought this worked as it does for the date ranges in the calendar filter, but it does not yet. The due dates are not moved in time as the time changes. We plan to fix this in future. Sorry for the trouble.

Thanks! I thought I was losing ‘it’ trying to make this feature work. Hope this doesn’t fall into a ‘Feature Request’ but gets placed in ‘critical fix’ bucket. Just saying.

Hi :slight_smile:

Whenever I search for e.g. #due(7 days), Agenda shows all corresponding due tags, but also the ones that were due before today. That is quite confusing for me, because I have to consider visually each due tag I have ever entered. From my understanding, the “due” search should only show all “dues” from today until e.g. next week in my case. Am I searching the right way?

BR Aleks

“Due” is special. The thing that makes it different to just putting a date on the note is that something that has a due tag stays due. That’s usually how due-ness works: Something becomes due on a day, and stays due after that until it is done.

If you just want to apply a date, consider using the note date at the top. I think it might also work to just use a general tag with date, but not certain. Eg. #date(12 January 2018)

Thank you for answering so quickly! So for instance, if I do something like this within a note:

O Buy coffee #due(01/04/2019)

If I search on 30/03/2019 for #due(7 days), the note will appear. If I search on 02/04/2019 for #due(7 days), it will also appear? Even if the task is done meaning that the task is checked (that’s happening in my case)? So searching for due gives you all due tags ever made? Would I have to delete the due tag after I have accomplished the task?

Thanks! BR Aleks

Yes, you would need to delete the tag to make it undue again. It acts a bit like a searchable checkbox.

If you don’t want this behavior, you could consider using some other tag with a date. I believe that will work.

I tried it with other as tag-prefixes and it does not work. From my perspective this would be a valueable feature for the due tag, because deleting due tags isn’t convenient. I also can’t think of any plausible case that somebody searches for all dues for the next days and additionally wants to see the ones from before. With regard to this, also the description when saving searches is wrong, you don’t search for tasks due X days from TODAY.

Could this be a feature you may implement in the next updates? :slight_smile:


We will consider whether we can add it.

I think the current behavior of #due is what you do expect, in the sense the having a due date is not just about putting a date on an item, but also not removing it until it is done. So I have a due date for yesterday, I still do want to see that item, until it is done.

For now I recommend using the note dates themselves. We have something coming very soon that I think you will like and will probably solve your problem.

/cc @mekentosj

I understand, you’re right… perhaps, the case that I mean could be implemented in combination with a check list / check mark. :slight_smile: Generally, thanks for this great application.

I am really looking forward to new features!

oh! Thanks for spotting this!
I have been using 2Do quite a while so due(tomorrow) for me means the dates assigned to the note, not an extra hashtag I had to create myself.
TBH, I still believe the above syntax is way more intuitive, considering Agenda is a date-based note-taking app which should probably weigh in on the dates that are generated automatically?
Still, an elegant and powerful app. Keep up the good work!

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