Assigning dates to sub-topics

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): iOS 11.4.1, iPad Pro 9.7

Hello, new user here (-:

The Yak-example shows subtopics that can be set to ‘done’ (‘Tasks’)

  • Is it possible to set a date to individuals subtopics?

  • Is it possible to display creation date and/or date done?

I would like to use Agenda instead of Focus/Things because I need more than just a GTD application - and I would love to know when a todo was created and when it was done. The subtopics would allow me to have subprojects with individual todo’s

We got todo’s that might exist for a long time - and it’s possible that they become obsolete sone day. So it’s important to know if a todo was created before some changes in processes, whatever

Agenda looks really promising!

Thank You!


Glad you like Agenda!

  • Is it possible to set a date to individuals subtopics?

Not at this point, there’s a strict 1:1 relationship between a note and an assigned date or calendar event. This probably won’t change. You can however use the due type tags if you want, and also reminders integration is something we hope to bring in the future.

  • Is it possible to display creation date and/or date done?

Not at this point, we capture the data under the hood but don’t have a way to display it (yet), we’re thinking of ways to expose it at some point.

Hi Alex, do you think that in the future the list of “Saved Tag Search as Overview” will have the possibility to be hidden? I mean the "Search All” item, as it happens already for the categories.
I am thinking continuously which could be the best use of tags in Agenda and I realized that my workflow goes through, at least, four different situations: People, Insitutions/Places, Projects and Events and all of them can be connected each other to create different Work Environments. For example, to work on a specific ‘Macro Project” I could have the necessity to connect together in the same Work Environment called “Macro Project X” some People, one or more Institutions/Places, one or more Projects, a series of Events. The question is: how to connect all these elements in just one Environment?
A solution could be found on using tags#. Tagging the People, Places, Projects, Events which are part of the same Work Environment called “Macro Project X” with a tag called in the same way. This will create a connection amongst all of them which it can be considered just as one Work Environment. However, expecting to have a potentially long list of Macro Projects in the future, organized by the tags in the "Saved Tag Search as Overview” (“Search All” section), if there will be a possibility to hide this list will keep more space saved for categories and projects on the left side of Agenda. Thank you.

You mean that the Saved overviews should be in their own collapsible subheading? We’ll consider that if we make it more powerful indeed.

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Yes, exactly. I mean the possibility that the "Saved overviews should be in their own collapsible subheading”. Thanks!

I find the ‘Omni Focus’ way best: Users can define what they want to see. So, done topics will appear under the specific chapter (master-topic,) when one chooses ‘show all’ - or disappear

thank You for Your Answer!

I created a keyboard shortcut on iOS that writes #done(today), works really fine so far

I’m checking out ‘smart overview’ now, it would be great to have overviews without done items in a project

(I bought the premium features right at start)