Syntax of #Due



I would like to use Agenda to track my deadlines. As such, I’m using the #Due(date) tag to mark when a project or project stage is due. I can easily see how to search for a specific date and have created an overview search to find anything due(today). What I’d like to be able to do for my start-of-week review is to see all the things that are due this week. Is there a syntax that will let me search for Due(this week)? I’ve tried different variants, but nothing seems to work.


I don’t think you can do this at the moment, I’m afraid. Our search machinery is not yet powerful enough to express that.

We do plan to improve search in future, including those aspects.


Have you actually tried the syntax #due(5 days) or #due(1 week) etc, that should be supported and should give more or less what you want. You can also save this as a smart overview (premium feature). In other words, what we don’t support is “this week” type queries, but we do support “the next x days, x weeks or x months” type queries, which at the start of the week would allow you to see everything for that week.

For completion sake, here’s the kind of queries we support at this moment:
#due(1 day)
#due(5 days)
#due(-1 day)
#due(1 week)
#due(2 weeks)
#due(3 months)
#due(5 days ago)
#due(1 month ago)

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