Support more platforms

I love the Agenda workflow but I’m not able to use it anymore because I keep hitting the roadblock of not having access to it 50% of the time when I’m sitting in front of a windows Computer doing work. I see that you’re thinking about it for the future but just wanted to say I’d love to pay for the subscription as soon as it’s possible for me to actually use full time.


-1. Simple answer…NO! How about you change the other 50% of your workflow to Apple. Your job doesn’t support Apple. Get another job. :wink: No, I’m not being snarky, just selfish. It’s a small development team. The time they devote to making the app work for Windows (?) is less time they devote to Mac/iOS versions.

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I would understand that @daveb08’s suggestion would probably not make you friends at work :smiley:
We are not ruling out doing a Windows or web version in the future, but at the moment we have decided to focus on iOS and macOS only. You can voice your requests for more platforms here:

I desperately need a web version of Agenda. Typing all day on my iphone is killing me.