A few feature suggestions:

  1. Enable full access to all Share extensions — e.g., today Agenda’s Share menu only accesses Mail, Messages, Air Drop, but why limit it to those? Other apps on the machine that have Share extensions and that can receive PDF, text, markdown or files should also appear in the menu. That’s why we have share extensions, isn’t it?
  2. Ability to collapse/expand notes by clicking something on the note. In addition to the menu command and the shortcut.
  3. Configure which calendars to show in Agenda. Probably been asked before.
  4. Search > Select a day range actually doesn’t let us “select” a day range, although that would be useful. E.g., command-click two dates?
  5. Ability to copy Agenda link as-is without inserting it into a markdown-formatted link. E.g., ability to copy agenda:// in addition to copying [Note name](agenda://…)

Thanks for the feedback!

  1. Good idea. We’ll certainly look into better support for sharing extensions.
  2. You can collapse a note by double clicking at the top.
  3. Yes, choosing calendars is something we want to support.
  4. You should be able to select a day range, definitely. You can drag over the calendar control. I think shift click also works.
  5. Hmm, not quite sure what you mean here. You mean if you copy a link, you get markdown text rather than a URL on the pasteboard? I think you should be able to get a link using the cog menu at the bottom of the note. Let me know what you mean by this one in a bit more detail.

Thanks again!

Yes you can, but if you click the cog and choose Copy As > Agenda Link you get this on the clipboard:

[Dashboard status](agenda://note/88B6216D-4C96-49B8-8530-3D3BD24A436E)

That is good if you want to paste the link into a markdown document, otherwise you need to edit out the [Dashboard status] bit and the parens around the agenda:// link. What is want is an choice to either get the markdown-formated link or just this


In other words

Copy As > Markdown Link
Copy As > Agenda URL

OK, I see what you mean. Will investigate this. Maybe we can find a nice middle ground, putting Markdown on the pasteboard as text, and put the link in the URL. That way the app where you paste decides what to use.

If someone is always pasting into a markdown document then it’s fine to put the markdown into the pasteboard. Otherwise not. When I have an app that only puts the URL onto the pasteboard and I want to paste that as a markdown-formatted link, then I use Copied’s option to “Paste > Link in Markdown”. It’s great that Agenda supports markdown agressively, but not everything in your customers’ ecosystems is a markdown-aware app.

Sure, I agree. The problem is a classic one: we don’t know where you want to paste. It’s a bit of a shame if we have to make two different copy commands just to support this. If that’s what we need to do, we will, but would be nice if a careful selection of Pasteboard contents would make it work well for both cases. Will investigate.

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Another suggestion:
6. When printing a selection of notes I would like the info for that note to always show the date and time for the the event that the note is linked to. The way it works now is that the printed page shows info like in this image

There’s nothing on the page telling me when “today” is — and what difference does it make to archive or share a page with that message? I realize converting the “today in…" message to the actual date (which is helpful when using the app) is a pain and I appreciate your considering the request. (BTW, the comma after “Today” is superfluous. :slight_smile:)

I see the point. Thanks for the feedback. We’ll see what we can do.

Thank you for changing link copying in v1.2 == we now get the agenda:// link instead of the markdown link. :smile:

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And the 1.4 update also uses the absolute dates when printing a PDF.

You guys are on a roll — thanks for this and thanks espcially for listening to customer requests! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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Update: You’ll be pleased to know that in the 2.1 update we now support all (relevant) system installed sharing extensions.

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Excellent! I saw that and immediately found them useful.

Is it possible that Agenda will next gain a sharing extension of its own — to add links, text, to new notes. Probably in the “Today” section.

That’s indeed on our list, but probably will take some time. The highest priority items are The features we are working on right now…

On this idea about Share, I wanted to ask or add being setting up a reminder is not ‘easy’. Its there, but it makes a whole extra step. This by far is the best app i have used to keep track of all the stuff i have but it would be nice if adding it to the reminders list was as easy as checking a box or doing it from the calendar screen. Its jsut a suggestion…love teh app and keep up the good work

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Direct support for Reminders is indeed something we have on our own wishlist too.