Collapsing Categories

Please consider taking “collapse feature” one level deeper. So if I double click on a Headline it would also collapse what is within it.

What I envision about your tools is related to research. Right now Im studying a program and it has different modules. The “Business Category” has “webinars” as the Project. Within Project I have various research. I can collapse each research but in my case I have lots of Modules to study.

Based on your current model the only next ‘layer” I can have is a Headline then subheads. So if I could collapse the Headline content under it it would allow me to have a much larger organized system without getting overwhelmed looking at so many notes for each module. (each headline would be a module) Each training program can have many videos per module so the amount of note takeing can get unrulely as you might imagine.

If you know a better way to organize my note Im all ears. I think your new tool has a lot of promise. Well done!

Do you mean collapsing in the left column (sidebar)? If so, yes, we will expand that at some point, perhaps allowing extra levels.

Thanks for the feedback!