Sub categories / Sub Projects

I’ve got a massive project (and I ain’t boastin’)

But seriously I’ve got a project that has now taken up multiple projects and categories and I can’t see a way of streamlining with only one category or without the ability to create sub projects.


Domain (a category)
-Topic (a project)
— Notes

Domain 2

  • Topic
    — Notes

If I had sub categories then it would look like

Everything in my project (master category)
Domain (sub category)

I’d then be able to see all my non project notes better too.




I would also be interested to have sub categories and sub projects, and associate the last ones to meetings in my calendars.

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Thanks for the feedback. We certainly plan to allow nesting at some point, as well as reordering.


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Having the ability to nest and sub-categorize will help a lot in big projects. Would love to have this feature soon as I am still waiting for it and couple of other features before I migrate to Agenda.

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Guys - can we have a brief update on this request?

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After the inline images, I hope that this would be next. :slight_smile:

It’s something we certainly want to get to before long. Plan for after images is to work on performance, undo, and languages. After that, we will see where we are at, but this is certainly something we are planning to do before long.

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+1 for category/project nesting. This will be critical for me to continue using Agenda. Love everything else. Keep up the great work.

Great! That works!

Guys- could you comment on this request?

See the comment from Drew above:

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+1 for sub projects or the ability to have nested folders beyond the current limit.

I’ve asked a couple of times about handwriting recognition - but I’d really rather have the ability to break projects down at least one more level than to use my Apple Pencil.

Last update is from December 18. Any new news on this?

We don’t have an ETA yet I’m afraid, but still among The features we are working on right now…

Just adding my Plus 1 here.