Some appreciation

I recently bought an iPad and thought I would use it to replace my notebook at work. So I have been actively seeking for a note taking app that would fit my needs. I checked a good dozen that were all very good in their own way but eventually settled for Agenda. It’s the only one I found that really ticks the right boxes. Also this community forum really brings value to the app! So I would like to thank the developers for their unique approach and hope this app will really take off.
Appreciation is good but this post might be considered quite useless so I will share how I plan to use the app. Hopefully it can start an interesting conversation.

I’m an expeditor so my job is to follow-up ongoing order at different suppliers (long production time of several years with a lot going on: inspections, non-conformities, audits, etc). My goal is to one app only for note taking, todo list, and calendar. Knowing that, here is how I drafted my work flow:

One supplier = one category
One order = one project
One note = one topic within the order (eg: one note to follow-up documents issuance and validation, one note per non-conformity, one note per inspection with linked event in the calendar,etc)
One pinned note with the actual purchase order, due date, and all other relevant non changing information.
Now the part that I’m not yet sure how to handle is meetings. Some are only about one specific order so in that case it’s easy. However most of the time during meetings with suppliers we cover all the orders they have. I’m thinking I could use a tag referring to that meeting and place it before each updates in each notes.

Now for tasks management, every notes containing actions to be done would be “on the agenda”. Once all the actions are done, I tick the note and remove it from the agenda.

Time will tell if this is a robust and efficient workflow.

Anyway, cheers!


That’s brilliant to hear and thank you for sharing your workflow!

Have you considered using a link? Pros, con?

I indeed considered using links but I think it’s not that great. Let’s say I create a specific note for a meeting, each subjects would have to link to the corresponding notes in the several projects, then I would have to add the link of the meeting note in all of these notes. Then when I go back to look at my notes, not all information would be at the same place but some would be in the notes of the meetings. Which is not convenient at all.

If I use the solution I mentioned in my first post, I can still create a meeting note but I only place a x-callback-url in it : agenda://x-callback-url/open-search?query=MYTAGFORTHATMEETING



Have you considered just create a general project for meetings? So for each category(Supplier) you create a “Meetings” project? I understand you won’t get a link under each order/note, but it will give you a place for meetings that are about multiple orders?

Only pitfall here is that there won’t be a direct link/update under each order, but you could link each meeting note under each order.

Also have a look at this article which features a few use cases that might help you to find setups that could work for you: