Snippets from other notes

When I’m using notes to prepare for a future meeting, often I’m going to be relaying information that I’ve noted from other meetings. It would be great if I could easily embed those snippets (with a linkback to the original note) to include in prep.

1.) Snippets NOT full notes — it’s key here to be able to include only the text / content that I want from a previous note, not the full note.

2.) If I update the original note, it should update all of the snippets as well, although I understand this is more complex, so maybe this is more of a nice to have.

That sounds like a pretty advanced feature, and quite a complex UI to get right, with info in two places, and editable. Will think about it. Thanks!

Agenda Links are already pretty powerful for this sort of thing.


Perhaps my suggestion was too prescriptive and focused on implementation, let me zoom out and just state my problem:

Planning for a meeting is essentially building an agenda for discussion. Often, that information is sourced from previous notes. For example, one or two notes from a 1:1 I had with various people, one or two notes from a couple project status meetings, etc.

My personal workflow is to review my recent notes and aggregate information into the agenda of a future note.

Just wanted to put this on the radar!

See my other response about setting up projects for each meeting type and important person.

One way you might to this preparation is quickly go through and put each of the relevant notes On the Agenda (yellow dot button). Then tap on On the Agenda overview to see all of them together. Prepare you next meeting note, and then take them all off the agenda again. A sort of short term flagging to aggregate the important stuff.

Also, make sure you check this article, perhaps a lot of what you’d like could be already solved by using TextExpander or similar tools: