Sharing calendar events

  1. Can you assign a note to a shared Calendar?
  2. Can multiple people (eg a family) share a single Agenda account?

Not ideal for all circumstances but fine for a small family or group?

Or is it using iCloud to sync??

  1. Can you assign a note to a shared Calendar?

Yes, if you have a shared calendar setup in the system preferences and it shows in the Calendar app, it should also be accessible from within Agenda.

  1. Can multiple people (eg a family) share a single Agenda account?

Not at this moment no, we hope to offer more collaboration features in the future.

Or is it using iCloud to sync??

It is indeed.

Best wishes,

You hope, or you will?

Well the note go with the calendar link?? ie would this be a useful way to collaborate??

Bummer, I thought this was on the to do list.

Just realized Calendar is premium. Hope there is a trial period for premium.

Looking to try this as a planning & time-tracking tool. Any pointers, especially for exporting so data can be evaluated?

Calendar is not premium, only the ability to show/hide calendars (instead of all calendars).

We want to definitely add more collaboration features, at the same time we also want to be creating realistic expectations and this won’t appear tomorrow. The items in this post are more likely to come first.

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Hey @mekentosj,

Thought I’d download Agenda on my wife’s iPhone to see if she could see the notes I was attaching to our shared calendar (she couldn’t). Then I stumbled upon this thread!

Appreciate time frames are not your thing, but is there any indication of when this will be available?

Not sure what others want from “collaboration”, but for me it would simply that I can add a note to my Agenda app and add it to the shared calendar.

My wife can then open up the link from the calendar, and it opens up in her Agenda app.

That’s pretty much it to be honest :grinning:

Alas, no ETA I’m afraid.

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Revisiting this, based on other questions, it seems that:

  1. You could indeed share Agenda if you share the same iCloud account.
  2. If two people subscribe to the same (shared) calendar (or Reminders list), via Agenda, some Agenda functionality would be shared.

It might be a good idea to create a post on how sharing can work, albeit in a very limited way, for now

Indeed, both should work. We do feel however that it’s too fragile to make an officially recommended/supported workflow, something more for pro/experienced users.

Not sure how fragile this is but OK.
For all you “pros” out there, I’ve been using an extra iCloud account for years, as a shared base account, that lets me and my family have our own icloud accts and also share a joint account. No reason this couldn’t work for small teams as well, as we wait for Agenda to implement sharing/collaboration. That said, certainly using shared Calendars and Reminders lists is a possible work-around.