I love this App!

Just got rid of Todoist. About to get rid of Ulysses. When you have a web clipper and inline photos, will also get rid of Bear. Yay!

Beautifully designed app. Love the flexibility, the white space, the tagging system. Especially appreciate they three-tiered structure of category > project> notes. This makes it possible to have a lot of different t kinds of notes (tasks, articles, research, etc. ) without the sidebar getting completely overwhelming. Cannot wait to see how you develop it.

Also looking forward to getting our geographically distributed nonprofit off of Asana and onto Agenda. (Need an Android app for that, though)



As another enthusiastic user, glad to hear Agenda is working for you!

Unless I’ve missed some major functionality, be aware that Agenda is really a personal note taking tool so depending how you use Asana, I’m curious how you see it working for your team.

Well, in the most overarching sense, there are projects that can be dated and connected to a calendar and individually or collectively shared with any number of people.

Our community has about 10 small teams. So each category can be a team. Then the team’s projects. Then the teams tasks. This is exactly the same structure as Asana.

Our community is also popoulated by a lot of young people who are used to using tags and emojis and on the fly organizing and reorganizing. So this will suit us.

Saved smart searches wlll come in handy for cross-team stuff.

I also like that external document’s are just linked and not loaded into Agenda as they are in Evernote. We have Dropbox for Business. So if someone links in Agenda to a Dropbox file, we can all click on the link and be working on the same document, not different versions of it.

I get the idea that Agenderos are pretty attached to the idea that this is a notetaking app. But I started using it right away as a task app, and it’s working really well. Everything with a date eventually ends up in the Today project in the sidebar.

The history is saved so organizational memory and documents can be preserved. We can export stuff such as Board minutes as PDF which is what we already do in Asana, but Asana is much more kludgey.

We DO need inline images and Android versions. Native notification/reminders would be desirable also, but not absolutely crucial.

I’ve only been using Agenda for 48 hours. I’m sure I’ll discover more.

But each person’s Agenda is attached to their personal iCloud account. As far as I know there’s no way of collaborating on a shared note or project. Though you can ‘share’ notes by email etc, but that’s essentially exporting a note as read only.

Perhaps your team share an iCloud account? Or perhaps I’m confused!

It’s more likely that I don’t understand. But I’m not talking about the “Share” function. I’m talking about the “assign a person” function. I assumed that would actually share the note.

If not, what does it do @trebso?

I did a little noodling. Seems one would tag with a person and then not really anything would happen?

See here:

Thanks for the heads up @trebso

Yeah, to clarify, Agenda is not a collaborative tool at this point. We hope to add some of those features in future. It is more a personal productivity tool. Of course you can export things to share, and you can link to documents in shared spaces like Dropbox, but you can’t directly edit notes together in Agenda yet.

@drewmccormack I like the “yet.” :smile:

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