Searching and Filtering

No this isn’t possible yet but we do hope to bring this ability later in the year.

Hi guys, is it possible to search / filter the list of projects? I have a lot of projects in Categories and Subcategories, and would like to be able to access them faster by searching or filtering them quickly. I’m I missing anything? Thanks!

Hi Charles,

This isn’t possible at the moment, we’ll think about ways how you could achieve this, we have some thoughts in this area.

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I agree. One should be able to see all tags, persons, or reminders (maybe other things too) in a collated manner. I’m a long-time Toodledo user, and there it’s great to be able to browse my tags and then just see everything with certain tags.

I look forward to this feature as it will finally allow me to revisit Agenda as a primary weapon in my productivity arsenal.

How can I search for notes that were edited yesterday? When I select the date range, it only gives me the notes that are linked to yesterday’s date.

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At the moment the edited date is not a searchable property in the search field, something we plan to add in a future overhaul of search. However there are two ways it kind of can be done:

  1. The Open Quickly command supports a few special queries, including “recent” which will show you notes recently edited (within the last 48h), see for the complete list here: Navigating Your Notes

  2. Through the recently edited section in the inspector on the right, you can scroll it down and shows notes sorted by last edited date first.

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Thanks @mekentosj – these special queries is exactly what I was looking for (next/recent/now, etc.) Perhaps an easy solution would be to add them as default views next to “Today”? They are not very discoverable right now. :slight_smile:

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Perhaps an easy solution would be to add them as default views next to “Today”? They are not very discoverable right now. :slight_smile:

That’s indeed an “easy” solution, but not something we like as it would bloat the sidebar for everyone, also those that don’t use them.

Some apps add preference settings to show or hide such sidebar items but I agree in principle. Better search (that will enable creating my own filters and pinning them) is the more flexible approach.


I have read over the topic and tried to find more info on the subject but could not.

If I make a search based on a specific tag I get the results in my search screen. This is that sorted based on the projects and date. I would like to sort on date instead of project first. This would give me a chronologic order of things that happend and actions that I have taken.

Is this possible? If yes please let me know how I have to change the settings to get it implemented.

Reason; in my projects all notes related to that project can be found but general meetings that cover more projects are in seperate topic. I link them through tags. Copy the note to the projects is not helpfull since it creates links to the note. Other option is to actualy copy the text however than you can not link to the agenda item. Tags work perfectly fine but the sorting order on search does not give the proper overview.

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At the moment, search results produce the same kind of overviews as the On-The-Agenda and Today view, which are grouped by project, then date as you say. It’s not yet possible to show the results either ungrouped and/or sorted on different criteria, which is something we have high on our list to add in a future update.

Thanks. Looking forward to this development. Makes Agenda for me even more valuable!

I loved your product but never got around to using it for my studies/work/life.
When searching I can’t find part of the word if it’s not in the whole notebook.

I can’t understand how it works and has buying a premium account solved my problem?

At the moment, the search just looks at the beginning of words. So it only matches the start.

In future, we want to overhaul the search, and will look at also searching within words.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Oh it’s good news that you are developing a search.
I hope it doesn’t take too long.
I’ll keep an eye out for updates.

Note that there is already search, but it is limited to matching the beginning of words. We hope to make that more powerful in future.

You can make a reminder with date in a separate note