Searching and Filtering

No this isn’t possible yet but we do hope to bring this ability later in the year.

Hi guys, is it possible to search / filter the list of projects? I have a lot of projects in Categories and Subcategories, and would like to be able to access them faster by searching or filtering them quickly. I’m I missing anything? Thanks!

Hi Charles,

This isn’t possible at the moment, we’ll think about ways how you could achieve this, we have some thoughts in this area.

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I agree. One should be able to see all tags, persons, or reminders (maybe other things too) in a collated manner. I’m a long-time Toodledo user, and there it’s great to be able to browse my tags and then just see everything with certain tags.

I look forward to this feature as it will finally allow me to revisit Agenda as a primary weapon in my productivity arsenal.