Repeat events

Hi, is there a way to create repeating events?
For instance, I would like to use Agenda also for planning my training sessions and training / progress reflection. I have my standard training and rest days which are the same every day of the week for the next few months.


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It is currently not possible to create repeating events. We decided that this fits less well with the fact that you can only associate a note with a single event, so if you would allow repeat event creation, the note would still only be associated with the first occurrence of the event. In the end, together with the more complicated UI this would require, we felt this was more a task you would still do from within your Calendar app.

Cool. Thanks for the reply. Yes it would be a nice-to-have indeed. Glad to hear you thought about it and decided against it to be honest. Just tells me you guys are prioritizing the right way. =)

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Would it be possible to have an option for recurring events in calendar to reassign note automatically to the next occurrence upon marking note as done?

This would be in the realm of templates, something we’re considering indeed.

Is it anywhere on your further releases agenda?(excuse the pun)

Templates are certainly on our roadmap, but still a ways out I’m afraid. Can’t give any estimate of time at this point.

Update: Templates are now part of Agenda v10, be sure to check them out!