Podcast: Time-based notes with Alexander Griekspoor

Last week I had the pleasure to be invited on the Metamuse podcast and talk with Mark McGranaghan and Adam Wiggins about Agenda. We talked about how Agenda came about as a way of note-taking grown from an indie-developer turned manager, but also about the importance of note-taking to structure your thought process, the benefits and significance of this wonderful Agenda community, and much more. I hope you enjoy the chat as much as I did!


Elegance can go a long way.

Great interview.

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Great interview! Really enjoyed listening to this. I have my own views of course on how I like to use Agenda and organize my thoughts. Its very interesting to me to hear about how the idea for the creation of the app came about though and what the original “mind-mapping” was based on.

The beauty here, and I think the podcast gets this spot on - Agenda app is wonderfully flexible for you to build your workflow. I also think the embedded community makes all the difference. Its interesting this got mentioned actually as I personally log in at least once a day to view what other users are doing / experiencing / toying with. It makes a big difference and makes you feel more involved! Of course hats off to you guys for being so involved with the forum community.
I now find myself looking for that forum option or community in any new app I purchase.


Fantastic to hear that :+1: