Plans for Agenda on Windows, ChromeOS, Linux?

I’m enjoying having Agenda across all my personal (Apple) devices, but at work there is a mix of Apple and Microsoft machines as well as ChromeOS and Linux.

Is there any plans to support these OS any time soon? Not relying on my personal device at work would be great as it currently looks like I’m just on my phone at work!



See these topics:


This addresses Windows and Web; how about Linux? I recently moved to Linux exclusively in my personal life and would love to be able to continue using Agenda there. It would also be great if it were made free and open source!

I’m afraid that’s very unlikely, it would mean a radical shift for our business model and probably very hard to make a living of Agenda so that we can ensure a sustainable future…

I completely understand that FOSS can present a challenge in terms of profitability, however the “free” represents free as in freedom, not as in free beer :slight_smile: Something can be both a paid product and FOSS. If the libre part is not doable, I could understand it; the open source part, however would be a great benefit. With everything going on in the world now, people are growing increasingly wary of software and how it might use their data. I am not saying that I distrust you particularly, but rather, having the ability to audit code brings great peace of mind. Trust but verify.

That point aside, a proper Linux version would be greatly appreciated.