Pictures and files



Please add support for dragging and dropping in images and other files into notes. Images for me are essential for notes (screenshots of work in progress for example). Basically anything I can paste into Slack I would like to be able to drag into Agenda.

In general I would look at tools like DayOne to see their support for all kinds of content recognition. For example, having pasting in a youtube video automatically expand into a youtube video in the window etc.


Yes, this is a common request, and is high on our priorities, see The features we are working on right now…. Thanks for the feedback!


I can’t wait for that feature. It would be very handy. @drewmccormack you guys are doing brilliant job!



I would be glad for this feature too :slight_smile:


Has this been implemented yet? I cannot drag any photos in from the Mac app.


Not yet, it’s what we are working on as we speak.


How’s it going re: images, files (drag/drop/attach)?

… I LOVE Agenda but that capability is one thing that is really essential for the work I do/work flow and for which I check the Community (and beta updates) daily for… hoping :woman_technologist:t2: … (Followed by iPencil use but def. images first, file(s) … )

Many thanks!!! I know it’s not just a matter of waving a magic wand (wouldn’t that be nice though…) Karen


Working as fast as we can :slight_smile:


I know and appreciate … love this app!!


This is the only thing stopping me from moving from OneNote!
(And the bullet list options but that is not critical :slight_smile: )