The editor is quite slow. Especially scrolling is quite jerky.

I use a macbook pro with a 4 core i7 processor and discrete video card.

I saw this had been mentioned before and that a C3 update addressed it, but my experience still feels sluggy, both to cursor movement and scrolling.


Hi Chris, we are about to post an update to the beta channel (should be available next week to all) that should show significant performance improvements of scrolling and editing.


A quick note that we just released the beta version with the scrolling improvements.


Well, its better, but for me is still not the same smooth 60 FPS scrolling as in Things or in iTunes’ album view. You guys should still improve it more.


Here’s a video about scrolling issues still present in the newest beta version. It happened after I’ve copied a bunch of text from a note into Things.


We profiled, and could hit 30fps on an older MacBook Pro retina from 2016. We think that is a result that balances visual appearance and performance.

If you don’t care about visual appearance, you can get full scrolling performance by opening Terminal and typing this:

defaults write ~/Library/Containers/com.momenta.agenda.macos/Data/Library/Preferences/com.momenta.agenda.macos true

This works only in version 1.2 and later.


What kind of machine are you on? And does the terminal command that drew mentioned make a difference?


I’m on 2017 iMac.


Scrolling looks fine at the moment after disabling visual effects. I’m just curious, what does it actually disables? I don’t see any difference yet. I’m on 1.2 beta.


There’s a subtle blur effect, I’m surprised though that the impact is that large on your machine. We’ll investigate.


Oh, I see, the small blur under the toolbar.

Well, looks like it does makes a difference. There is a noticeable frame drop especially scrolling big lists when I turn it back:

defaults delete com.momenta.agenda.macos turnOffVisualEffects

Having it enabled almost gives me the desired 60 fps.


Talking about scrolling: there is no bounce scroll in the sidebar which make it feel like an Electron app. Can you guys also fix that?


there is no bounce scroll in the sidebar which make it feel like an Electron app

Ah good catch, have fixed that for the next update.


I can confirm that performing that disable transparancy command gave a dramatic improvement in responsiveness.


OK, great to hear, this will become the default setting in the next update.


Very very slow typing on a note (with the calendar entry attached) on 2 year old MacBook Pro with SSD and 16gb memory - nothing going on in the background. for example typing this is as fast as any but typing the same on Agenda - each letter is coming like dragging itself thru the tarpits. It is not usable… This on Agenda 1.1


For example cursor disappears, no text appears for the longest while etc. basically unusable for anything and I am not even speed typing… Doing the same on any other app for example this window is super fast - no delays whatsoever…


Does this happen in every note? Only long notes? Only notes with long lists? etc. Anything common?

Oh, do you see any flashing of the calendar control on the right if you mouse over events, or the link to an event?


I am a new user for Agenda so I do not have many notes or long notes. This happens with very short notes that I have just created. just couple of lines. I have just 1 or notes with a very few lines each (10 or much less). Happens with most notes. Throws up a beachball at times.


It should already be better in Agenda 1.2. And if you type this terminal command (after first quitting Agenda) it should make things fluid:

defaults write com.momenta.agenda.macos turnOffVisualEffects true

Let me know if that works.


Thank you for that tip - Agenda is now usable again. I was dangerously close to giving up on it.

Here’s an example of the very sluggish performance I’d been experiencing.