PDF Export Options

I really wish we could have export options for PDF in Agenda. This was one thing i really wished for when i was an active Bear app user.

Not looking for anything complex. I want to:

  • Add my name, company + logo in the header / footer of the pdf doc. Nothing crazy, just top right / left.
  • Be able to force a page break in the middle of a note. You shouldn’t see the page break in the note, but have it occur on export. (Example: right click, “For export: create page break”)
  • Choose custom accent colors (for emphasized text, bullets, etc.).
  • Strip all hashtags, internal agenda links, etc.
  • Customize h1 - h6 fonts. (Using system fonts; optional, but not needed, this would be a nice touch)

Basically, i want to be able to whip out note, export and be able to send to a client as is.

Right now im having to export as rich text, paste into a templated Pages document, and then export as PDF. This shouldnt be a thing!

P.s. The agenda dot on export isn’t retina optimized, it’s blurry.


Hi Faris

I agree, this would be great. I had a similar request where I also explored various workarounds:

and here:


Maybe it helps if I add my +1!! (or +2)

Another possibility is to use a tool that produces documents from Markdown, such as https://www.remarq.io/

Looks like an interesting product, but the pricing is steep unless one is churning out reports - which I don’t.

Yeah, that’s just an example of a tool that can do it. The idea is that you export Markdown from Agenda, and run it through some tool that produces the output you want.

Got ya! I tried using Ulysses to write reports back in the day - when it was also my ‘note book’. I found the formatting of the templates for outputs to be way beyond me. IIRC it required hand editing css.

With the addition of images to Agenda, and it’s good looking output, I’d like to think that with a few additional features, it could produce really nice looking reports, and save the tedium of exporting md to another editor, and avoid the problem of having to remember you have two versions of the report in two applications, and making sure to edit the correct one.