Intelligent page breaks when exporting to pdf

Who else finds it frustrating when notes exported to pdfs have ugly page breaks?

I often export my notes as pdfs as papers for meetings, and while readers have praised the styling, it’s not classy when the bottom line of a page is a heading, or similar style booboos.

I’d love to see Agenda take account of headings, widows and orphans when exporting to pdf.

(I raised this in a post about writing reports in Agenda, but I think this specific point is worth its own thread I think. Hope that’s ok!)

Which device is problematic? The export on macOS and iOS are entirely different.

It would be good to improve it, but also more of a challenge. It starts to take on the responsibilities of a word processor.

Both! My main bugbear is a heading at the bottom of the page, with the body text on the next page.

Indeed, that doesn’t look great. We will try to improve things in future.

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As I can’t give more than a single :heart:strong text: this would be excellent!

Agenda is primarily a note taking app, but sometimes it’s really useful to share notes without going through another app to tidy up.

Notes exported to pdf need to look professional!

This is one of reasons i want to quit with One Note. I used it for about 10 years daily and it simply doesn’t get better. i created thousends of pages in One Note, about 50 notebooks and sharing notes was allways hard. printing or exporting to pdf was a mess. And the worst… you simple loose things, no way to track task etc. Its a note book, nothing more.
I like the approach of Agenda and hope that one day Agenda offers all the Things i miss at the moment. A top export function to pdf, annotations on pdfs, jpgs etc. Drawings and tables support. German language would be nice, but i don’t mind english. a browser version, a win version.
this was the big pro of one note, i worked on all platform and was the reason i choose it over all others 10 years ago.

Among all the special requests you’re juggling… any progress on this?

I’ve just written a briefing for a prospect in Agenda, and apart from the page break issue (which I fudged by adding returns), the pdf looks great! Tidy and professional, no need to mess around with exporting to a word processer.

Long shot - how about allowing the user to select their logo to replace the bullet at the start of the title in the exported pdf? :grinning:

Unfortunately it’s not as trivial as it seems, we need more time to fix it.

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