Password-protect projects


I love this app and am migrating most of my hand-written notes over!

Can you please add an option to password protect projects?


Yes, hear this request often. We will try to do it in a future update.

Thanks for the feedback!

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another voice for password protect projects … any idea when?


No ETA yet unfortunately, still among The features we are working on right now…


The list is from 2015. Are these features still planned? I’d love lots of them. But password locking and pencil are my favorites. Would be nice to see some kind of priority or progress. Is there a link you can refer to?

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The ability to lock a folder in Apple Notes is very handy and would love to see it here.

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I’ve bumped the timestamp as the list is a living document, first created in 2015 but kept up-to-date since, and yes, still very actual.

I would like to have password protection as well.


Password protection would help enormously.


This would be really useful.


Bumping the thread because this would let me use Agenda app as a replacement for Day One app

Working on it.

Hi, Looking forward to adding password protection to “Project”

Yep, that is included in what I am working on. Probably not the next release (Agenda 17), but the one after. It’s coming though.


Any ETA on when? I need to migrate content from many app like ulysses, dayone and apple note and others … I would love this here like for projector even single notes (if this include attachments) please not be the classic app that block onlythe access whit the ios password(Totally unless)

Personally I’d prefer to be able to use iOS password fingerprint/ face recognition to access private notes!

An Agenda password that could be accessed via keychain would give options that would suit both of us I think?

The current plan is that you will be able to use whatever biocredentials are available, which identify just you. So a pin will be out, but faceid, touchid, watchid will work. And we will have a separate password you can use as a backup.

Is that what you expect?


Works for me!

Are you planning protection per project, per note, or just opening the app. And are you thinking encryption or just access protection?

Are you planning protection per project, per note, or just opening the app.

We’ll offer the option for all three.

And are you thinking encryption or just access protection?

It’s access protection. For encryption we rely on the fact that your phone contents and home directory on Mac (if you use FileVault) are already encrypted.

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