Privacy & Security

Please can we have the ability to ‘lock’ at either a Category and/or Project level. I would be happy to be able to lock/unlock by Pin or TouchId or FaceIf.

Many thanks

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I assume you mean some form of encryption + password protection? Or are you referring to locking a category or project for editing?

Sorry, should have been clearer. I’m thinking of the ‘locked’ feature in Apple Notes… The contents are hidden until an unlock is done. I’m assuming that the standard file crypto, etc would be enough.

Many thanks

Thanks for the clarification, this has indeed been requested by others as well.

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I’m also one of your fans, however I would like further clarification on your security.

Would it be possible to clarify your security concept, for example your use of Cloudkit database?

Here is a link to some further information how the cloudkit security works. CloudKit Security model

Thanks in advance.

All your data is stored in your personal iCloud storage space, we don’t have access to it.