Password Protect Notes?

Hi, I’ve had the app for a while and stopped using it… but now back as you have implemented tables (a feature request I made a while ago) and other very good features.

…BUT… I don’t see any option to password protect notes - I see some requests back as far as 2018 with a response from the developers to consider it.

Before I push ‘buy’ to restore the premium features and use the app again, I’d like to know if you have implemented this or not, and if not, do you have any plans to do so?

I’m not talking about full end to end encryption, but a simple password protection on the Mac / iPad.


No, not implemented yet, though certainly in the roadmap.

It’s the old problem of 24 hours in the day :wink: You can see we do eventually fulfill our promises, but it takes time. (Eg. tables was a project of 6 months)

We’ll get there, but I can’t promise exactly when.

If there is not enough time, hire someone. It should be an improvement on Apple notes, but password protection is the one thing that has prevents me from ditching notes. It a not that hard to do.

Hiring someone means we need to train them for 6 months. It’s not as simple as it sounds.

As for hard to do, it can be. It depends what you mean. If you just want to hide your notes behind a password, it is not so difficult, and we hope to look into that later this year. But if you mean all the data on the disk, and in the cloud has to be encrypted, that is a whole other order of complexity. The whole app needs to be rewritten to deal with that data that it can’t read.