Other sync solution than iCloud needed



Yes, Dropbox is materially better IF the app uses the Dropbox API vs. relying on a user install of the Dropbox client. For example, 2Do in its iOS and Mac versions uses this approach. No DB client install is needed, and (I’ll strongly wager) the resulting backend code in the two versions can be shared entirely. 2Do’s files are stored in the user’s Dropbox at Apps/2Do/, per the typical API usage setup.

From a user’s perspective, you simply setup your Dropbox credentials in the sync settings and are good to go.


+1 for this. have the same issue with work / private projects.

re: laws in Germany. Yes, Icloud can be used, but when your employer demands that you use a cloud service of his choice, you’re in legal hot waters if you don’t.

Ideal solution for me would be to select cloud service by project, e.g. work project 1 on dropbox, private project 1 on iCloud etc.

having said that, remarkable app! love it!


I think it is very unlikely we would allow using different sync services for each project. It would become a usability nightmare.

Something you could think about is creating a new account on your Mac just for work. That account could use your work iCloud, and have other stuff related to your work, while your main account is for private stuff. May be a workaround.


Thanks for the quick reply, usability is an argument indeed, I do get that, I have seen it in many other applications. However, for me, there is now way around it.

Just to be precise regarding my problem and giving you a clear understanding why the European, and especially the German market is so different - and I apologise if I do repeat myself unnecessarily:

I cannot use iCloud at all for work, and I think that goes for large swaths of the German business market: iCloud does not offer a “EU-” or "Germany-"cloud, where all data is being saved on servers located in the EU and governed by EU or German law alone. Since the NSA / Snowden revelations, industrial espionage is the new big spectre haunting corp security deps. Therefore, in-house servers or “Germanclouds” are preferred and often mandatory due to company regulations.

Most companies even demand Germanclouds instead of EU clouds, as the UK are part of the five-eyes network.

I know this sounds a bit tin-foil-headed, but hey, if I had to protect intellectual property assets for any corporation these days, I’d be that way, too. industrial espionage, including by governments is a huge problem.

Maybe offer a “business” option that is off by default, but when activated offers selecting different syncing options per project? Would omit the usability problem for the average user while simultaneously widen the usability for the EU, and especially the German market, drastically.


We are based in the EU, so are aware of the issue. We would like to add other sync services as an option in future. I was just saying it is unlikely we will allow you to mix them together. You would choose one service, and use that.


Dropbox would work yes and a good option for my use case.


+1 for an iCloud alternative. In particular, Google Drive would be helpful. In my case, it is a pretty basic requirement because corp networks often have restrictions on where data is stored. Google is approved, iCloud is not.


I second this. Some security settings disallow iCloud. Encrypted file storage in Dropbox would be much appreciated.


This is nice feedback. I can’t sync data with iPhone and Mac, because I disabled icloud.


+1 for supporting local files sync


+1. I’m in the same boat. I have work-approved cloud storage where I could storage an Agenda file, but using my personal iCloud space is a no-no.


Even when you have a work iCloud account and a personal iCloud account, this doesn’t solve the issue. MacOS user account always has a ‘dominant’ iCloud account.

+1 for the separate personal and work computer :thinking:


+1 for that. I finally managed to purchase Agenda (techn. difficulties), just to realise, I can’t use it on both devices properly. I got two iCloud accounts, one for work, one private.


I’m ramping up my use of Agenda and my need to use multiple iCloud accounts is becoming a hindrance. I don’t have any particular privacy or security concerns; I just have a situation where I want to sync all my notes to all my devices but I have to keep using these two iCloud accounts. I realize you don’t want to be in the business of rolling your own sync, but I guess I hope the product grows financially to where it’s viable to sync via Agenda account or some other workaround.


This sounds like something that collaboration would fix, rather than another sync platform


I would call sharing with ones self a workaround, not a complete feature. It may work, but it’s not elegant as an experience.


+1 I also use different iCloud accounts for home and work computers, and my iPhone - which I pay for, but like MANY employees in tech, I also need to use for work, heavily, is not going to be on my work iCloud account. I am a new customer trying to decide whether to jump into this solution - this is important to me. If Agenda could simply authenticate using my Agenda account credentials, and then associate my (single) Agenda account with any (single) iCloud account as my storage solution - regardless of what iCloud account my device/computer is signed into, I could happily use it on any endpoint. For users who don’t need this flexibility, it should just default to using whatever iCloud account is on your device, but just give us a way to change to a different iCloud account in app prefs.


I’d be happy to use collaboration as a workaround for this so long as they auto-updated, showed in the sidebars of both accounts, etc.


Collaborating with yourself would be a random work around, however the michael.hopkins was referring to using multiple iCloud accounts. From a system point of view that is two different people.

…and then associate my (single) Agenda account with any (single) iCloud account as my storage solution - regardless of what iCloud account my device/computer is signed into

This would require a fundamental change to iCloud, not Agenda.


Hi all,

My new work machine has an image shipped by my company that by default disables iCloud integration — among other things.

I’d really appreciate having a fallback sync solution as of now Agenda is virtually useless for my daily work — and I miss it a lot.