Other sync solution than iCloud needed



+1 for iCloud alternative. Corporate Amazon devices do not allow iCloud Drive. That’s a huge pool of potential users!


Same issue regarding corp policy


+1 for alternative sync services.
iCloud is not used at my workplce. Only Dropbox… Corp policy as mentioned by others.


Another thought: what if an Agenda Project could be stored at an alternate location, e.g. in a folder specified via the iOS-standard Document Picker. Then any compliant file provider app would become an eligible storage location. That fits the bill for my use, since work supplies access to a blessed file sharing service, including an iOS app with file provider support.

In my case, what I do actually want is the ability for the iOS app to have multiple supported storage locations. I’d be fine with iCloud-as-default (e.g. for personal notes) and per-project settings via file providers (e.g. for work notes). It’s definitely a second-best case to switch all of Agenda to work use, but I’d absolutely take that over the current iCloud-only approach.


Sharing/collaboration could be a method for storing projects with different services? Person A uses iCloud. Person B uses Dropbox. Person A shares/collaborates a project with Person B. The project sits on iCloud.

I wonder what Germany requires of international companies that are partly in Germany?

And what about international travel? If traveling the data is stored on traveling devices, and perhaps stored part-tine on outside servers while out of Germany.


I cannot use icloud on my work laptop too. Would love to have an option to save the library to a file, so I can put it on Dropbox.


Think saving the file somewhere else is only an option on the Mac. Don’t think it would give access on iOS.

We do want to add true Dropbox sync at some point. Just have to get to it.


Though I have no idea on how Agenda syncing internal systems works, I’ve seen other apps use file-based methods with sync capability e.g. Quiver (another note taking app), 1Password (old version, not sure about newest version), Pixave (see their help section here -> http://littlehj.com/wordpress/?page_id=610)


In theory or system should be capable to rely on file based sync on say dropbox as it started of from the same foundation as Findings, which has been doing this since the beginning. However given we decided to go with iCloud it has never been further developed or tested in the case of Agenda so it would require quite a bit of both. As Drew mentioned, we like to add this but we just have to get to it.


Same problem for me. With a corporate computer & iOS devices I am unable to sync between my iPhone & MacBook as iCloud is not secure in a corporate environment.

I was really looking forward to using Agenda at Work as OneNote for Mac is pretty basic. Unfortunately I won’t be able to use it at all as I can’t sync to my O365 calendar on my MacBook as the Apple Calendar is also blocked by my company for use on my Laptop. :frowning:

Need a way to be able to connect to O365 corporate environment for Agenda to work for me.


LOVE the App and wish to replace One Note; however, until there is another solution I won’t be using it. I also have an employer who will not allow Cloud Drive on our Macs, so I can’t keep my IPAD and desktop in sync. I’ll look for the future update when this is solved and be first in line to purchase!


+1 for another option for iCloud syncing

My company disables iCLoud backups on the Mac. Using Agenda merely on Mac is a non-starter, unfortunately, since it’s just not efficient (unlike competitive products). That said, the app would be perfect.


+1 for alternative syncing options

My use case calls for different work and personal iCloud accounts.


Superb Tool! Unique and fits a need I’ve had for years!

I’m not trying to pile on for the capability, but I felt some comments needed a response.

Corporate users are a large potential set of customers, and a LOT of them are in environments that forbid storing company info in iCloud or in vendor-provided sync models. Several allow Enterprise level BOX or DropBox connections.

As for encryption, nowadays encryption of information leaving one’s device is standard practice. At least using SSL to encrypt it in transit helps, but encryption of the data at rest (like in iCloud or BOX) is what users expect.


+1 for an icloud alternative as well. My employer does not allow icloud use. I would like to be able to have my work and personal devices be in synch


+1 for Google Drive


iCloud is enough. :slight_smile:
But if you want to look at something else, choose Dropbox.


That’s what we are looking at, indeed. It would offer people who have iCloud blocked an option, and even perhaps people who want to share their whole Agenda data between multiple people. Stay tuned!


Very good to know you’re on it.

Any idea on the timing?



Perhaps OneDrive too? People that have Office365 have 1TB+ OneDrives.