Organizing Projects



Not yet, but thanks for the feedback.

Perhaps if you organize into more categories, and then hide categories, you can work with a smaller list.


Is there a way to move entries from one project into another project?


You can just drag a note into a different project in the sidebar to move it.

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Quick question: can I edit the project group names and order on my iPhone? Clearly it is possible on the OSX version. Thanks Jfk.


Yes, those are called “Categories”. To edit, slide finger right-to-left on category, to reveal a button.

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This may help. Create a saved search on the designation for each project. It uptates automatically and is "resident"in the sidebar. A trick to make it easier (for me )is each note starts with the project name(in my case the chapter name / number for my thesis ) I have learned that this lets me create saved searches for streams / work or workflows which span more than one project - which may or may not be useful for you.


Is it possible to see all the notes in chronology order without grouping them by projects?


Not yet, I’m afraid. We do have plans to give more control over that.