How to review my days/tasks

Is there a way to review days/tasks?

On paper agenda I set my top three priorities and at the end of the day I color each task as green if done and red if not. Than I review red task in 3 aspects:

  1. Why I couldn’t do it;
  2. What I could have done in a different way to have it green;
  3. What action I will take (the task is not needed anymore, reschedule, etc)

Any suggestion on how to adapt it to agenda? Im really new to it :slight_smile:

Yes, my suggestion would be to enter a tag on each note for your system. Simple make a tag like #red and #green. Then use Search All to search for #red, and save that search. Repeat for green. Now you have two overviews that show notes with those tags. Add and remove the tags as appropriate during your review.


Thanks! Awesome idea, i will test it this week :wink:

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