Options to sync

Hi Drew,
The corporate rules of the company I work for do not allow us to sync using iCloud or Dropbox.
In the other hand, I use Things 3 and the way this app sync the information works fine for me (Things Cloud).
I would love to move 100% to Agenda, but this is the only negative point at this time.
Question: are you guys planning to do something similar to Things 3, in order to allow us to sync without using iCloud or Dropbox?
Many thanks!

Best to refer you to this discussion: Other sync solution than iCloud needed, we’ve also written about it here: The features we are working on right now…

Thanks for the feedback.

This is a tricky one. Things cloud might work OK in your company, but I guarantee there are probably many blocking that too. So the solution is not trivial. We are aware of it though, and will see what we can come up with.