No easy way to see ALL notes (in chronological order, preferably)

I spent 10 minutes trying to find a note that I entered a couple of days ago. I couldn’t find it.

First I tried “On the Agenda” thinking it would surely be there. But apparently not.

I tried “Last Week” and “This Week” but this didn’t work either.

I looked in the appropriate project, and scrolled through everything. Not there.

I tried a few keywords… and got a hit on “SBR” — and realized the note was in the wrong project.

I think there should be an “All Notes” that is organized in most-recent-first chronological order, across all projects, so that I can quickly scroll back in time and find that note from yesterday or the day before, that I know is there, but can’t easily find.


Try this:

Click on the Search icon at the top right
Click on the calendar icon to the left. A Calendar appears and on the right side you’ll see option,
Choose “Last Year” and that will give you all notes entered in the past year.
You can put a wider date range, too, by clocking on a date and drag across the dates you want to search.

Be sure you check “Search All” at the left to search all notes (or choose a project)

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If I were to save this “Last Year” search, will it update to include tomorrow when I open up Agenda tomorrow? Or is the search just a static set of dates including [today, today-365]?

It would be great if these searches update, so I can have an easy to access “All Notes” or even “This Week” in the overview bar.

If I were to save this “Last Year” search, will it update to include tomorrow when I open up Agenda tomorrow? Or is the search just a static set of dates including [today, today-365]?

You have a choice to make it relative to today when saving a smart overview

My problem with this is that it still groups all of the notes by project, so I am not actually looking through a timeline. I’m looking through a LOT of projects, organized by timeline. That makes it hard (nearly impossible, lots of projects) to scroll back looking for everything I did over the past few days…

What I really want is essentially a view like my email box. It’s not grouped by project, just by chronology. This would be tremendously useful — and probably would be my default view, if it existed…


I can see that. I just don’t use it that way.

Each note for me, is chronological in a project. The next note is at the top. To look at “what I did over the past few days”. I just simply scroll from the top. If there are notes that I don’t want to bother with, I just close them up. Of course, those critical for my attention go “On the Agenda”. Notes are NOT to dos. They may contain things that need to be done, but those are in bullet lists and get put in the task management system which has those tools you speak of…searching, sorting, making done, etc. I don’t want to cross the streams (as Ghostbusters are apt to say). Let Agenda be my project management space and journal which is something that’s very hard to do in task-mangers other that comments.

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I agree. I’d occasionally like to use Agenda as a standard notebook–strictly chronological–in addition to having the benefit of grouping by projects. A mandatory “group”-based display makes this impossible. It’s literally the only thing holding me back from adopting Agenda as my primary note-taking tool for meetings.


See The features we are working on right now…, we would like to bring more overview and sorting options in the future.

I’m curious if there have been any advances on this request for a basic chronological sort across all notes? It seems like it’s been well over a year before someone responded that there was some work being done on this type of sort.

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The discussion has continued in a number of similar posts, having said that, we don’t yet have an ETA, still on the list.

Thanks for the reply. As a workaround, I just don’t use projects–I have one master–which forces the chronological format. But, it would be nice to use projects at some point to better organize things.


Has there been any progress developing a sort option that simply puts all notes, regardless of Project, in chronological order? I’ve seen a few other threads (e.g., Basic but Powerful Sorting Capability ) that propose many sorting options, which I understand the Agenda developers don’t feel like they can support. But, a chronological sort option seems like a pretty basic tool for managing a note system like this. I’ve seen many new features implemented in the last 3 years, but nothing on a basic chrono search. I’m wondering if there’s a philosophical reason at Agenda to implement such a feature? If so, it would be great to know so I can either decide to make do with a single-project piece of software, or switch to another platform.




I totally agree. Agenda being bulked up with tons of features that partly stray far. But the main selling point of date focused note taking seems not that important anymore. I would like to see a permanently visible calendar, where you can browse through dates (not search) and have all the notes of the day you click on displayed.

As it is stated over here, this grouping of notes by projects is simply not the focus, when you look for notes of a certain day.

I can’t see how that would be true, the core of the app hasn’t changed and it has been date-focused from the beginning. Now, that it misses a particular feature that you would like to see added, that’s something else, but in our opinion, the lack of that feature doesn’t suddenly make Agenda not date-focused.

In terms of the grouping of notes vs an “all notes view”, we have a clear view on what that we plan to add to Agenda, and that includes these options. For each update we work on we pick a theme, a way to group a set of features. For example, auto-completion is one we have now started focusing on. Similarly there will be an update focused on improved search, one that will be focused on improved overviews, etc. The latter includes the requested ungrouped note options.

What we can’t tell you is when this will arrive, but hopefully this gives some insight into what to expect down the road.

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Thanks for the reply. I mentioned it is not that important anymore. Which does not mean it’s not date focused. I just expect to explore functionality more around that central aspect. Putting the date front and center means for me having all sorts of options that have something to do with the date. Displaying notes date wise, simple lookup by dates (without having to first click something to see the calendar), see dates with notes in the calendar. Have a start screen with last notes by date. Sorting by date. See checked/finished dates on tasks. Search for tasks, have a certain task view (not a saved search). Maybe even add hours.

There may be ways to achieve some or all of it. But when I’m looking in this community/forum, all I see is how agenda is trying to become the next evernote, roam research or bear notes. Especially as most people are asking for features they know from these apps. I can see how few people are interested in topics like this one, which is why date is not as centered and you did not work on the feature for years.

Don’t get me wrong I still like and use Agenda, but not as often as I hoped.

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