Migrating from Evernote but missing some key features!

Hello Agenda Community & Developers,

Newly paid subscriber here, trying to ween myself off of Evernote and into Agenda. So far it’s been a pretty good experience, however there’s some key features that I’m really missing from Evernote that I hope you’ve got on the active roadmap (and not the backlog) for development/release soon. Specifically:

  1. Horizontal Rule: So simple, so powerful, already supported by Markdown (reference: https://www.markdownguide.org/cheat-sheet/).
  2. Tables: Again, natively supported by Markdown, and a key part of my workflow. I manage the Product Management department at my company, and Prod Mgmt thrives on tables.
  3. Templates: This is a powerful feature that Evernote has that I’ve really been using the heck out of for about a year now - the ability to create a note/document template to use as a starting point for specific activities. I use some custom templates for managing the notes and takeaways from my 1:1’s with my team, vet ideas through a standard template form, etc. For now, my workaround is that I’ve created a project called “Templates” and I just copy/paste from it when I need one, but having an interface specifically for selecting a template for individual notes would be preferred.
  4. **Task Tracking: ** This, I think, would be a significant piece of development, but I would love to be able to create individual, trackable tasks. While I know you can add checkboxes (faux tasks) through the native Markdown support, the itch that I’m really trying to scratch is a note taking product that integrates the functionality of Evernote with the functionality of Wunderlist/Todoist/Reminders. This would be huge for me, and I’d evangelize the heck out of Agenda if/when this eventually made it into the app.

On the flip side, I love that Agenda supports iCal integration, and that’s made my ability to track multiple projects and initiatives a little easier. The interface is great, and I’m glad that I can now use Agenda natively on my Mac as well as my iPad.

Keep up the great work, but please strongly consider these features for 2019.

I think all of those are common requests (except perhaps the horizontal rule), and are high on our list of things we want to do. Stay tuned!

Kind regards,

+1 for horizontal rule!

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