Meeting series

As a manager, I have a lot of 1:1s with various people across the company. Sometimes weekly, monthly, or longer. Also, we have several standing meetings with larger groups on a weekly / bi-weekly / monthly basis.

It would be great to be able to, when preparing, see the past notes from this ‘series’ of meetings so that I can re-up on context very quickly.

The way I would do this is setup a project for each important person, and a project for each type of meeting. Then you have a chronological history of the notes for each. You create a new note for the next meeting as soon as the last one finishes, and dump things to discuss there in the leadup. That note becomes the next meeting note, and so forth. And you go back to the last note before the meeting starts to refresh you memory, copy over follow up items etc.

This is actually the workflow @mekentosj originally had in mind creating the app, though it has been made a bit more generic to fit other approaches too.



I see how that could work — my feedback is that it feels a bit heavy to create projects for everyone, given that you may be working towards making People an organizing principle in the app.

One day, it would be nice to filter notes by People who attended a meeting, with two matching options: This person (or people) were present OR this person (or people) were the only people present.

This way I can filter by attendees more loosely like (Show me any notes where Joe was present) or strictly like (Show me the notes where Joe was the only attendee).

Sure. When I said “important people”, I meant someone like a particular client or investor. You want to track your interaction with them.

Meetings are indeed a bit different, but I think a “Weekly Monday Meeting” project with all those notes is a useful way to track them.

Aha, yeah, that’s when a person is more like a project, that makes sense.

As you guys evolve, it would be cool if you can detect a series of meetings (because of the title even), and show those as related notes. Curious how related notes is calculated now, as they don’t seem to be related, although I’m a new user as of last night :slight_smile:

Related based on common tags and people, as well as locality. But there is plenty of scope to improve that, as you point out. Could be as advanced as you like going forward. Basically a recommendation engine.

Indeed, you can also see a bit more of that in the fictional sample project High Tea Inc., and in the --again fictional but based on those same workflows-- examples in this talk article:

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This is amazingly detailed! Thank you. I will consume this when I”ve got some more downtime from… meetings :stuck_out_tongue:

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