Mail Message ID not working via drag and drop

What I did: dragging mail from the iOS mail app to agenda does not create a clickable link. The message ID (beginning with message:) will show up as black text. I tried this with different email account, and different emails, the same happens and doesn’t work. However, Airmail iOS app does work.

What happened: I copy the message ID text and attached it to any bits of text as a LINK, then it becomes clickable. This makes create clickable Mail link a two step process and inconvenient.

What I expected: Dragging a mail message into agenda automatically creates a clickable link to the message.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): I am on the latest version of iOS Agenda app, iOS 12, and I am on an iPad Pro (1st generation).

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Thanks for reporting, we’ll have a look.
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Hi, I am still not able to drag and drop mail messages into Agenda. This is an advertised feature. I found a workaround by drag & drop message link into the “URL Link” pop up box, but this stopped working even on my new iPad Pro. To be frank, this is quite appealing and I would like to have my money refunded for the remaining preminium subscription please. The product does not work as advertised and it is not my responsibility to troubleshoot.

I have sent a support request via email, please I hope someone would respond.

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As mentioned in reply to your support email, the issue has been fixed in our internal builds and should be part of the next iOS update.

I’m not entirely following the bit where you claim this an advertised feature. I don’t believe we ever have pushed the integration with Mail as a tentpole or highlighted feature for Agenda, perhaps you mixed it up with the Calendar app integration? Even more so, none of the paid for premium features are related to any integration with Mail, in that sense the free and premium features experience is the same. Happy to be pointed out to be wrong on this though.

After some checking I realised that I mistakenly thought mail integration was an advertised feature. The reason being various threads on the forum had discussed mail integration and I was led to think this was a supported feature (Integration with Mail) and (Email linking). For me mail integration was ‘make or break’ in terms of using Agenda full time for note taking. The reason for subscribing to the premium features was to support the app and get the most out of it despite mail integration not something exclusive to premium subscribers. I was wrong to think mail integration was supported but I would have found it helpful if there was a clear ‘This feature is not officially supported’ statement.

This is a very responsive community and I am impressed how my ‘confused’ complaint had been handled. I really want Agenda to work and I will try the next update with the fix.