Integration with Mail



I’d love to see the ability to link to email messages similarly to how calendar items are linked. Saves me some cut & paste actions.

Mail Message ID not working via drag and drop

You can do that, I believe. Just drag the email into Agenda.



I just tried. It adds the subject of the mail but does not link it.


I just did it too. It uses the subject as the text, but for me at least it makes a link that I can click (blue). Are you using Apple Mail, or some other mail app?


You’re right. It is a link and it does work.
However, maybe a nice little link/mail icon would be nice.


Ah yes. Dragging from Apple Mail works like you said; this is useful as is.
Perhaps this opens up a discussion over what is ‘embedded’ and what is ‘linked’.

If I can make some suggestions;

  • like @danielkbx said some form of indication what it is would be nice - now there is no distinction between linked emails and links to web locations. Having different coloured text for both could possibly be a quick fix but the solution should definitely fit with your overall vision for the app.
  • to me this is an external attached document, much like a file attachment; I would like to see them grouped/listed somewhere, especially if there’s more than one
  • ideally Agenda’s search functionality would index the email contents - and maybe even include / link to email attachments?


We have plans to give links a more distinctive look. This is just a link at this stage. We also have plans to support attachments, which will be files under the control of Agenda (and synced).


Is dragging from Apple Mail a premium feature? I’ve tried dragging to the app, a project and a note and nothing sticks.


Should not be premium, no. Should just work. So you don’t get a link? Have you upgraded to the version we released yesterday? Tried restarting the app?


This works great — love it. :smile:

Except, I did notice one glitch: If I drag the email itself (e.g. grab the top of the email, and drag it) this works. However, if I grab an email from the inbox (the chronological list of emails, in my case to the left of my actual email bodies) it does not work. I get the text of the subject line, but it is not linked.

Would be nice if it was uniform — but I can see the issue, since dragging from the inbox could potentially represent an entire conversation versus a single email… hmm.


I’m afraid that’s a limitation of Mail, we don’t determine what it puts on the clipboard I’m afraid.


Thank you. I have been beating my head on my desk trying to figure out why this would work sometimes and not others.

It looks like the issue is if it is a single email as opposed to a thread or stack of emails. If it is a stack, it wont copy the link. A single email, it copies the link perfectly (inbox or otherwise.)

Thank you for taking the time to share it with others.


Ah good to know!


Two things:

  • Dragging an email to Agenda doesn’t seem to do anything. Is there some trick involved. I’m using the Apple’s

  • This feature would be much more useful if there were a key combination to press in mail that would create an entry in Agenda. For example, in Things I can link an email to a to-do with a key press in email.


2Do does the same, using an Apple script provided by the 2Do developers. :slight_smile:


just got agenda and I’m very impressed…

this is fantastic and works a treat with my email programme, Airmail 3 for mac.
…however… wondering if you could add the feature add to the share list in Airmail so I can send direct to Agenda rather than drag and drop, much easier. but perhaps that’s something I need to take up with Airmail team?

best regards,


Glad you like it, a sharing extension is indeed something we’d like to bring.