Link one note to multiple calendar events

For some meetings (many of them repeating in the calendar, some of them ad hoc), I like to keep one rolling note that contains the actions list and similar. Is there a way I can have the same note attached to multiple calendar items?


This indeed has been requested more often, for now we’d like to stick to a 1:1 relationship though. One solution is to create a “summary note” and use Agenda links to create a kind of “index card” to the individual notes for each event. Or alternatively, you could add a specific tag to all notes that related to the same series of events, e.g. #teammeeting, which you could then create a smart overview for that ties them all together in one overview.

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FYI, I’ve just started using your app. After a couple days I already want to link one note to multiple events. I will try these suggestions though to be a good sport!

I really like the idea of a index card/summary note. To this end, it’d be useful to have the ability to highlight a handful of relevant notes and generate a table of contents in a new note that has links to all the highlighted existing notes. I crossed my fingers and tried this by highlighting notes and attempting to copy as an Agenda link, but I was only able to past the link for a single note. I’d like that process to paste a list of links to the highlighted notes.

My vote is here, I also regularly need to link one note to multiplay appointments.