Just lost data



Somehow I just lost the last few days of notes and when I hit undo it brought up data that was about a week old. This really needs to be fixed. This program is scary. I don’t even remember what I was doing when this happened. I can’t believe that you’d create a program without a proper undo and without a recycle bin.
It just happened again. This time it was when I hit the back button on a search. This is crazy! Luckily this time the undo button worked.



We’re very sorry about that, did this perhaps happen when you used the backspace repeatedly to clear the searchfield? We are adding measures to prevent accidental deletion this way in the next update. We also have made changes that make undo a lot more reliable, these will be out soon as well.



And might there be a Trash component to the update??? (Please)


Not in this update. It is not something we can add in a few days. But a solid undo would fix many of these problems.


More than a solid undo you may want to look into an actual trash bin or recently deleted, one in the same. Applications have this feature for a reason and I’ve done UX work around this before, placing it in the high priority bucket for a top automotive brand after realizing through my audit that it was deleting highly sensitive information with any warning, no undo and no trash or recently deleted area.

Accidents happen and users change their minds. Common use cases.


Yes, we are going to do that too. Was just pointing out it is not something we can rush in. With good undo coming very soon, at least the risk of data loss is much reduced.


Agreed 1000%. I understand the feature/scoping process and that these things can’t just be done in a day or two unless it’s a high priority ticket item that’s impacting the app in a major way. Thanks for the response :slight_smile:


You obviously knew about this problem and continued to sell a product that can lose data without notifying your customers. I have moved all of my data back to Apple Notes and have signed out of my Agenda account on my Mac and removed the app from my iPhone. Is there anything else I need to do so I don’t get charged at the renewal date which is coming up in 2 months?

I lost faith in your product when your support said words like “We also have made changes that make undo a lot more reliable”. “More reliable” is not good, it should say “undo will work properly”. Also “With good undo coming very soon, at least the risk of data loss is much reduced” didn’t make me feel comfortable with your product. The words “good undo” and “reduced” are not comforting words. I wanted to hear that your undo will work 100% of the time as it does in other programs that I’ve been using for 20 years.

You should not be charging for a product that loses data.

Regards, Ian Clark


Sorry Ian, but you are just being pedantic and unreasonable at this point. I could of course sell you a slogan like “It will be the best undo you have ever seen”. If that will make you happy, read that.

I am just being objective and trying not to BS you. We have worked hard to make the undo much, much better. In our testing, it is working 100% of the time. But anyone who writes software knows that when you ship it to 100K users, there can be things you didn’t think of or scenarios that arise rarely. We are not in the business of spinning stories like many of the bigger software companies. You get honesty here.



Software is software and never perfect. I lost data from using Microsoft tools as well, it sucks but, its software. I don’t think there is a software suite I’ve used in my career that I haven’t lost something at some point, including Apple Notes. I think the developer saying “We also have made changes that make undo a lot more reliable”, is certainly a fine thing to say in acknowledging an issue and making improvements. Saying something like “undo will work properly” is a subjective statement because properly based on whose opinion? How can they guarantee undo will “work” when there is so much between the desktop software and the backend data-store? Anything could happen from the point of “undo” to when the transaction is reversed and the data refreshed.

I expect acknowledgement of bugs, fixing bugs and trying not to repeat those bugs from developers of software that I use. That is all I can expect. I cannot expect perfection because that is impossible. And I am not sure which programs you use but over my 35 years of using software and software development, “undo” has not worked 100% of the time. I’ve lost plenty of data from Oracle, Adobe, Microsoft, Apple, IBM etc.


I agree, any program can lose data, but in my use of Agenda, I continuously lost data. That can’t happen.

Regards, Ian Clark


Where it’s caused by undo, that will not happen anymore after the update. Hope that gives the assurance you were looking for.


I wrote in about a data loss issue recently that was caused by the undo system. Obviously I was not happy, but I learned to keep a backup of important notes while I wait for the undo update, and I haven’t lost anything since anyway. Just sharing a counterpoint to Ian’s. :slight_smile:


Just to chime in that the promised improvements to undo are in the upcoming update that’s currently in beta.


Very excited about Undo!!! I’m in love with Agenda, but having a broken undo feels like playing with fire or Russian roulette. I’ve worked almost exclusively in Agenda because of how awesome it is, would absolutely hate to lose all of it. Another useful feature would be export / import into an Agenda supported archive, so we can export and back it up if need be — I’ve copied the folder from ~/Library/Containers/com.momenta.agenda.macos to Dropbox but still don’t feel at east.

I want to pay for your product so badly once this undo thing is fixed!!


I still don’t know how a company can sell a product that has a major flaw. Unfortunately I paid for it. I actually paid to lose data! I would work for hours on my work lists, then with some unknown combination of key strokes, my work would disappear forever.

Don’t tell me that you didn’t know that this was happening.

Regards, Ian Clark


Undo does not have a major flaw. Most of the time it does work fine, even though it is a bit slow. In some rare cases, which we were never able to reproduce, it could cause unexpected results. Ie it had bugs, like all software.

We have now rewritten it completely. It is much faster, and much more stable. The new system is simpler, so we can see how it is working better.

There was no malice here. We did not ship undo knowing it had major problems. It only became clear it has some problems later, and even then, they were relatively rare, and difficult to reproduce in testing. That’s why we decided it was better to completely change how we were doing it, and the beta shows it does work better now.


Dear Devs,

I have not (yet) lost any data, but as a paying customer I am of course worried about it. I would like to ask for a decent backup solution (besides iCloud sync, since this is not always possible - ie. not everything you want to store there and there could be situations where you are not even allowed to use that). It seems to me that it would be very easy to add an option to the preferences part of the iOS/Mac software which would attach the whole agenda file to an email and you could send it to yourself - as a first step. Later on you could have other solutions like WEBDAV support, or (especially for business folks) company supported OneDrive accounts (many companies using iPads now - business opportunity for Agenda).

In the meantime could you let me know if there is any way to see where the whole agenda file is located on an iPAD, and whether there is any way to manually “share” that as a backup? I am aware that one can send agenda files per project but that is a bit tedious with many projects…

Thanks a lot for your answer!