Just lost data



If you make iCloud backups on your iOS device and/or use TimeMachine on your Mac your Agenda file should be included in these. Your library is located in ~/Library/Containers/com.momenta.agenda.macos.development/


I highly recommend using Time Machine with your Mac. Buy a cheap external drive, and do a backup each day or week. Much more peace of mind, not only for Agenda, but for all your data.


Thanks Guys - I appreciate the help. In this case my issue that I use Agenda on the iPad only and I have a Windows machine for work. I love Agenda, it really makes my life organised and have a ton of ideas to suggest… But I need to back it up somehow, only from the iPad. And yes I could use the iTunes on Windows as well and make a copy of the whole iPAd, but it would be so much easier to just have a copy of the Agenda file emailed or save on a cloud which is actually supported by my company (OneDrive). I cannot use iCloud…At least if I can share a full category, rather than just project by project… I looked for the Agenda file location on the iPad, but did not find it on Files…


You may be able to find it using iExplorer. Not entirely sure.