Just lost data



If you make iCloud backups on your iOS device and/or use TimeMachine on your Mac your Agenda file should be included in these. Your library is located in ~/Library/Containers/com.momenta.agenda.macos.development/


I highly recommend using Time Machine with your Mac. Buy a cheap external drive, and do a backup each day or week. Much more peace of mind, not only for Agenda, but for all your data.


Thanks Guys - I appreciate the help. In this case my issue that I use Agenda on the iPad only and I have a Windows machine for work. I love Agenda, it really makes my life organised and have a ton of ideas to suggest… But I need to back it up somehow, only from the iPad. And yes I could use the iTunes on Windows as well and make a copy of the whole iPAd, but it would be so much easier to just have a copy of the Agenda file emailed or save on a cloud which is actually supported by my company (OneDrive). I cannot use iCloud…At least if I can share a full category, rather than just project by project… I looked for the Agenda file location on the iPad, but did not find it on Files…


You may be able to find it using iExplorer. Not entirely sure.


would be amazing if there was an XML import/export tool :slight_smile:

BUT, thank you SO much for speeding it up AND fixing undo! You have my money!!!


Please note that the Agenda file export/import is nothing else than a zipped up JSON representation of the internal format we use, which means it’s a lossless data format you could use.