Import PDFs

As you move forward with development, the thing that will really make this app gold for me would be importing PDFs and allowing pen based markup on iPad. Somewhat like GoodNotes.


Thanks for the feedback!

If you have some other tool for this, eg, PDF Pen, you could keep the PDFs somewhere in your Finder, and drag them into Agenda to get a link to them. May be a workaround for the time being.

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That’s great advice and I’ll give it a try. Usually in meetings a single point for all agenda items and associated docs works best for me.

I read the docs and annotate before the meeting so I’m prepared. I capture my questions and ideas in the doc or on an inserted page. And then capture actions - either for me or for others if I’m running the meeting.

You app is a good foundation and starting with the projects, calendar entries and and attaching the docs will work for me.



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+1 vote for this capability

Yes I’d put PDF import (and inline viewing) high on my list of wishes.

tried the PDF link when I try to launch it I get
"There is no application set to open the URL ……Porch_3_May_2018.pdf"
even when I chose PDF Pen as the app to open that type

is this me missing a trick or a weakness?

Where is the PDF? If it is on your Mac, it should open Finder and show you the file. Agenda is not allowed to open the file directly due to macOS security restrictions.

PDF import is a high priority, and will be addressed when the iOS app is done.

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With the release of the ios vision this is even more of a priority. I use notes plus and notability both of which I save as a pdf. These are automatically synced onto my Mac through icloud. I then drag them into agenda. I can export pdfs directly from notability and notes plus to a number of apps on my iPad but not agenda. Fixing that would be great as I take most of my notes with a pen not the keyboard.



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Yes, with the iOS app out, this is now our highest priority.



That’s great news - thanks.


I tried to drag and drop a PDF file from Finder (and PDF Viewer as well) on my iPad Pro (iOS 11) into a (Agenda) note but nothing happens. Should it insert a link to the file ?


We don’t support this yet on iOS as on iOS there’s not user visible file system.

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It would be great if PDF’s could be previewed in a similar way to Evernote.

What is the current status of this feature request? This is the only thing keeping me from completely switching to Agenda :confused:

It’s what we are working on as we speak, see The features we are working on right now…

There is no mention of PDF annotation on the post that you shared with the features you guys are working on. Does that mean this is not so etching you guys are planning to add?

This would be an essential feature to have to avoid having to live so much outside of Agenda. It especially complicates things while I am working on my iPad Andi want to annotate PDFs I have added.

From the link above:

Annotation is something we’d like to look into, but in all fairness, it won’t be in the short term, and it’s also not our goal to turn Agenda into a full featured PDF annotation tool. We do however want to make it easier to edit attachments in external apps, which would be a good alternative here.

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It will be great if Search results also searches in the imported PDF content (if it is not already done)?

Searching in attachments would indeed something nice to add, thanks for the feedback.


PLEASE make this optional.

Sorry to be dramatic – but searching note content only is one thing I really appreciate about Agenda. It allows me to be clear about my stuff (note content) vs other people’s stuff (attachment content).

I agree I would like to search attachment content too at times, but the current behavior is important to me.