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Sorry, I know it’s a small team, but this response is getting a little stale.


+1 here. After using Agenda for a while now, this feature becomes critical. Links are a good workaround, but not comparable with inline images. :wink: And next would be the usage of the apple pencil to edit images or draw things. :slight_smile:


This would be the last straw for me to purchase this App.


Don’t know how the response can be getting stale. We only delivered the iOS app a few months ago. Attachments and images is a massive feature, that touches every part of the app from import/export to sync and the text editor (in a major way). You probably have to lower you expectations. It’s a lot bigger than you probably think it is.


I’m sure it is! And I don’t say that in a snarky way. I use the app every day in several ways, Daily Journal, Geneolgy database, medical appointments calendar. Each of which would benefit from attachments. SO, hence my expectations. Besides, once you release attachments, you can turn your attention to the UI, I.e., font size, spacing. :wink: just saying.


+1 for this feature… that said, just started using the app today and very impressed w/ the work thus far. keep up the great work guys. looking forward to the new features that are in-flight!


Agenda is simply not useful to me without inline images. a core and essential feature. Otherwise i love the app, and cant wait till this obstacle is removed to purchasing.


Just to play devils advocate… personally I could not care less about inline images, I use DevonThink or Apple notes for that, neither of which handles date based not taking very well, or at least as well as Agenda does it.

Bear is Bear, Evernote is Evernote Agenda is Agenda, each serve different markets and different needs, every time more features are added in the attempt to either become an everything bucket or appease the vocal, the app runs the risk of loosing its reason to exist. Agenda serves a niche, yes certain enhancements would be nice, but I would rather have URLscheme and automation support to allow interaction and two way linking so that Agenda becomes a good Mac citizen than another “lets be everything” feature bloated app.


Even more important for iOS (iPad AND iPhone coexisting users)!


We’re currently working on bringing support for inline images and attachments, shouldn’t be too long anymore.

The next iOS release will have some initial URL scheme support (in beta form) that we expect to quickly bring to the Mac too.


I thought 2.4 beta will be released, it seems that we still need to wait.


Agenda 2.4 for Mac is already available through and is propagating through the Mac App Store as we speak.


yeah, updated. Thanks for the Mojave support.
But still no inline image support. Disappointed.


As mentioned in various places, still working on that as we speak.

Share your feedback with us…

+1 on this. Glad you guys are working on this feature, as I just came across the need to add a screenshot from a whiteboard to my work notes and realized I couldn’t. Holding my breath!


OK, this solution is good enough for me. Thanks


As a developer, I know this is a massive feature :slight_smile: I am waiting for this feature since I am gradually moving to Agenda from Evernote!

  1. Great app, great business model, fair yet sustainable.
  2. There needs to be an attachment and picture feature for this to become my main go to app replacing all others
  3. Will gladly pay for features every 12 months if this is my go to app replacing others. For now though, it’s on standby until this essential feature is available.

Hope this is sooner rather than later. Good luck!


As a show of faith, purchased premium features.


Just another plus one for inline images.

But I know you’re working super hard on this. Love the App and will write a short piece about how to use it as a fantastisc study tool soon.