Images: Insert images in text



I used 53’s Paper. I find it useful for free-form diagramming on the iPad and a stylus.


I take photos with my phone as notes on an almost daily basis. They are hard to organize in a photo stream, and being able to add them to my Agenda would be a huge plus and an insentive to pay for the Premium items for sure. They are often reminders of things to do or research, or backup material for tasks or lists (for example, travel itineraries — the name of the place may be meaningless, or unknown, but the photo reminds me I want to drive 15 minutes out of the way to see something.)


So agenda can’t do inline images out of the box. That’s a deal breaker for me as I am a technical writer and use images to spruce up the courses. I keep detailed notes about each images as metadata, but this app doesn’t allow for it.


Images and attachments are our current focus. Will not be too long. Stay tuned!


THAT will be a game changer.


It will - really looking forward to that! :blush:


Since subscription only supports features for a year after purchase, this is the exact feature I’m waiting on before I make the dive.


I think this will certainly be released in the next year. We are working on it right now, so things would have to go very badly if we missed a one year deadline.


Something to consider when working on this feature: If I export to markdown and publish somewhere, like in an email I send to colleagues, is the image hosted?

Right now I’m exporting to markdown and using this Chrome extension to convert markdown to Gmail:

It supports images via markdown, but requires a URL for the image.


Agenda currently has no image support, though it is being added. The question of what would happen with embedded images is a good one. I suspect they would become links to the local file initially. Hosting the images in the cloud somewhere could be tricky for a native app like ours. Different when the app in question is web based.

We will have to think about how best to handle it.


Wow - such a long wait. I am hearing bear so many times in this thread, going to try it now.


Agenda is literally half a year old, and in the mean time we added the iOS version too (one month old), as we mentioned in our newsletter, this is now our main priority.


Thanks for the clarification. Looking forward for this update.


I concur with everyone above. PLEASE put this on the front burner of the Agenda, R&D dept. Thanks!


I’m not following, we just mentioned we are working on it as we speak, can’t be much more on the front burner than that. Believe me we want it as much as you do!


Ditto. Almost deleted the app coz it doesn’t have this essential feature…will give it 1 more week to see what it’s like (subscribed to the premium version too).


Not more than 24 hours since downloading it and I LOVE this new app, but I will need to wait until it accepts images until I can swap over to it from my previous system. Can’t wait, and thanks! :raised_hands:


+1 as it would radically improve the usefulness, but in the end I’d love to have support for Apple Pencil on iPad so we can make notes on the fly.
One app to rule my (work-)day…


I don’t know when this feature will be released?


We don’t have a release date yet, but we are working on it right now.