Images: Insert images in text



+1,000,000 for images

Just paid £24 and moved anout 1000 notes across only to find my images don’t work! I’m loving the app but this is sooooo important! Please hurry! :slight_smile:


Would be very useful for me, too!


does it work for pictures out from Apples Foto App? Pictures (as well as hand-written notes -pictures as well, aren´t they?-) would be great during adding notes as text to Agenda.


I expect it will work, yes. Again, this feature is not currently in Agenda, but it is our next major project.


I see it is a priority but wanted to chime in on the request/need for this. :pray:


:face_with_monocle: Yeah, this is a must for creatives—marketing, design etc. Almost there, This app is great! By the time you finish it will be an operating system :ghost: lmao I’ll save my AR feature requests for next year. :grinning: :neutral_face:


+1 for this - particularly being able to take a photo and have it inline as evernote does. When I’m taking notes at a seminar I frequently add a photo of what’s showing on the screen.


+1 this is essential for me and the only thing stopping me from dropping Evernote like a stone :wink:


since it’s taking so long to get this feature, please make it worth the wait. Not just simple inserting images, something cool.


Not sure what you mean by “taking so long”. We just built an iOS app in 3 months. Have only had a week since that was released.

If it’s any consolation, this is our highest priority, and we are beginning work on it now.


I do that, too (it’s the most effective way of taking notes I’ve so far found!), and for the moment I’m storing them in a free iPhone app called Airtable and adding a link in Agenda to the file. It works OK, but when it’s possible it would be lovely to have them in Agenda where I could add them to the project that I watched the webinar to help me with :blush:


Totally agree with this.
Agenda, another vote to please add this feature.


+1 for inline images!


+1 on inline images (highest priority) and attachments (lower priority)

I find I still have a portion of my workflow that has to stay in Evernote until I can use photos in notes or attachments.


Will purchase the premium version once images are added


+1 for images in text! Like the original subscriber, I was disappointed when I moved from Bear to Agenda to see this feature missing.


Yes, 100% need inline images for true note taking. Any ETA?


No ETA yet, but @drewmccormack is working on it as we speak


cool. i‘m looking forward to.


+1 BTW what diagramming software did yiu use for this bow drawings ?