Images: Insert images in text



Understood. Inline images are a high priority for us, and we will be adding that feature as soon as we can after we finish the iOS app.


Strong +1 on this one. Inserting images, files (e.g. PDFs), and even being able to sketch in Agenda are high on my list. Probably the last barrier to keeping me from adopting it fully. I’d suggest attachments first and foremost… I can live with using something like Paper to do my sketches. But it would be great to have some basic sketching capabilities so I don’t have to leave the app…


Thanks. And while I’m thinking of it. The reason I’m switching from Apple Notes is because it started giving me the Rainbow ball and Apple cannot tell me why. Ive spent hours trying to fix what is causing it. So now I’m off the cloud and only using notes on my local system. So if you can build in the ability to export all files to strip out any code that may have copied in from another program. And to re-import. I cannot export out of Apple notes so thats not an option. We are guessing I somehow got a corrupted file. Out of 4500 indepth research notes its like finding a needle in a haystack. So hurry up (lol) I’m ready to switch but cannot until you have hierarchical folders and include PDFS and inline graphics. Thanks You guys are doing amazing. Keep up the good work.


First thanks for the great product. It’s been my go to for my grad notes. It would really be wonderful to have image support from desktop app.


+1! Really look forward to that!
And this project is definately the best one I have ever used. Thanks for your guys’ work!


I second that. Great application to keep progress notes on technical projects and analysis, but definitely need image (JPEG/PNG) insertion for screenshots etc. in the text as part of the document. This is my number one concern right now and really limits my usage of the software. Otherwise it’s already pretty awesome!


That’s a high priority for us too. Just have to get the iOS app out, and we will turn our focus to images and attachments.


Is it possible to give us an idea when we can expect inline images and attachments in Agenda? I really like the app, but i’m constantly moving back to Apple Notes because of this missing functionality. If its something that will still be months away before we get it, i’m not sure i’ll stay with Agenda but move everything back to Notes.


I can’t give you an exact schedule, because software development rarely goes exactly to plan. What I can say is that we are currently working on the iOS app. It is our top priority, and is due for release first half of 2018. The next major project after that is inline images and attachments. It will likely be several months before you can expect to see it, because even just implementing it well will take us a month or two of development time.


Great to know! Thanks drew!


This feature is essential to me. I made a concerted effort to move some projects into Agenda today, and the inability to insert a couple of images is what stopped me. I will try again when the feature is launched. Thanks!


Yes, it is our highest priority too now that the iOS app is out.


Hey there from India. +1 for including inline images please.


+1 Really need this feature for the app to be useful


Waiting for inline images before I take the plunge.


I would also like to echo the need for this feature. Right now, I rely on screenshots and stuff to help remind me of what I am doing (I’m using Agenda to help budget) and such.

This app would be perfect if it had that.


Do you know if Images will be to size or are you adding them as an attachment?


Plan is to have both options.


That’s great. What I notice is when I’m studying I take screen shots to add to my notes and its a real pain when the image is suppressed as a linked image. My notes “story” is more complete with the real image. Thanks


+1 for this request, need to include image for my notes