Images: Insert images in text



+1 for inline images!


Yes, plus 1 from me too.

I find I think best at the start of a project or new idea by making handwritten notes in a paper notebook, often including mind maps, diagrams etc. I think refer to these as I type up something more coherent.

So, I’d really like to be able to snap a picture of the page in my notebook and have it visible in Agenda while I write up those notes. And also to refer to later - to see how my ideas have evolved.


It’s whats stopping me from moving from Evernote


I’m wondering change for another journaling tool because this :frowning:


+1 for me too on this one


++1 Absolutely essential.


I also would like to vote for the inline image feature. I’d like to use Agenda for writing my blogpost in Medium, and I think perhaps you could have a look at Medium’s implementation of inline image in their blogpost editor.


Thanks for the feedback. It is a high priority, right after an iOS app.


Would be useful if this could, especially on the iOS app, include the ability to take a picture with the camera from within the app.

I often like to photograph slides on the screen at conferences etc, and this would really help keep the slides with my notes - and linked to the conference in my calendar!


Certainly, when we add images to the iOS app, I would expect that to be possible. Thanks for the feedback!


Just wanted to +1 this as well. I’d use the hell out of this feature :slight_smile:


I am also Bear user and it very difficult to change to Agenda without photo importing.


Mirroring what this user says. I use Bear primarily now, in fact I am typing this as I mirgrate Bear notes over to Agenda…and noticed my images were incing as text links. We really need the inline image feature!


Another +1 here. Lack of inline images is the biggest blocker to me fully converting to Agenda.


UPDATE: We wanted to let you know we’ll make this our top priority the moment the iOS version of Agenda is out: The features we are working on right now…


+1 migrating from bear too, need to keep the images


Another +1 from me. I know that the iOS app is bigger for the Agenda team, but personally I only really use my laptop and desktop for heavy duty note taking so that is of little interest to me. Over the past few days I have been switching between tests of Agenda, Bear and Apple Notes and Agenda is so so near. It’s my preferred (including paying for premium) but without images it’s a non-starter as a keeper.


Agenda is beautiful and innovative. It has the potential to replace the many apps I use for tasks, reminders, and notes (mainly Bear, NotePlan, Evernote, Apple Notes, and Todoist).

But inline images are crucial for me. As is an iOS version to be able to access my data on the go. I’m dying to move everything over to Agenda, but until these 2 features are introduced, I’ll have to wait!


I agree, I NEED the possibility of adding inline images.


I prefer to see the image embedded in the text as it illustrates the “story” of what Im researching. Dont want to have to open another tool…