Images: Insert images in text



I am new to Agenda and this will be my primary note taking tool when inline images come.

You can have a premium membership from me when it comes too!



I’d like to wish a great day of work to @mekentosj and @drewmccormack, thank for all the work done so far, for the iOS app that took only 3 months to see the light.

As everyone in this thread I’m eagerly and anxiously waiting for image support and read the release notes like I’m a kid on Halloween night.

I use Agenda a lot but weirdly I have no incentive to pay the yearly tier as I don’t need the pro features. But as a way to support and cheer along the development of image support, I just subscribed for a year.

Agenda is great and it’s beautiful, and it will be so neat with graphics suport! :slight_smile:

Have a great day, and thanks for considering this feature as a top priority one.

Thumbs up.


I agree, we need to be able to add images.


Thanks for your support!

Images are nearly there. It is taking a while because it is really just the same as writing a whole new app. Think of an app like Photos, and you have the idea. We need to do all the same stuff: present the images, allow previewing, make it fast, export, import, drag and drop, sync, print etc. And we need to do all of that on two different platforms (macOS and iOS). It’s just an enormous amount of work, but, that said, it is nearly ready.


Thank you for the explanation. I, on the outside anxiously waiting for the feature, needed to hear the magnitude of the effort to understand the ‘delay’. I check TestFlight each morning before heading to this Community for just this kind of info.


Yes I had understood that when I got the app the first time, and that images in Agenda wasn’t quite at all in your original vision. But you’re listening to the user base, thanks for the effort.

And be sure it’s worth it, images in Agenda will make me use it 10x more, and will make me start using the iOS version as well.


Make it a premium feature then:)


I understand this. It is anyways a crucial feature for me. Once this hits I’ll be all over the premium subscription. And move all my note needs to agenda. Glad you heard the users and are in it.

Really thx


Out of curiosity, have you condidered using iPic for image storage as an option along with local storage ?


That’s certainly not the case, it was in the original feature set we were hoping to have at launch, however it was so much work that it would have delayed the launch of Agenda with at least 6 months…


I have a question: when the possibility to include images inside Agenda will be available, as pictures are heavier than texts, this will mean that we need more space on iCloud to synchronize between different devises?


Yes, if you import images and attachments these will be stored in iCloud and count against the available quota/space you have in iCloud.


Okay, got it! Thank you for the prompt reply, Alex.


Can‘t wait for this. Love your App and apart from everything, it‘s really great that you are so responsive on your forum and integrated it so tightly into your App.


We defiantly need IMG support… thank you!! :slightly_smiling_face:


Please make sure that documents are editable/saveable in external apps, like evernote and bear, but unlike ulysses. Can’t wait for this function to appear :slight_smile:


Do you mean you want to link the file, rather than attach it in Agenda? Note that you can drag in files now, and get a link to them.


No, sorry I wasn’t precise. I mean that if I have for example a pdf file stored in Agenda, then double click it to open it (for example in PDF Expert, then make annotations to it and save + close it, then I’d be very happy to see the changes I made next time I open the file. I am able to do this in Evernote and Bear, but when I edit a file stored in Ulysses and save+close it, then navigate to another note and back to open the file again, then the changes are gone. I hope this made more sense?
If, in addition, the files stored in Agenda are searchable, then it would be hard to find a reason not to migrate from Evernote :wink:


In the beginning, you won’t be able to edit the attachments and save them straight back in, no. We do have plans to do it, but it is an extra step.

Content of files also won’t be searchable, I’m afraid.


Hey Drew,

Thanks for being constantly positive in the face of “overwhelming interest” - it’s a good thing (both being positive and the overwhelming interest. :wink:

Do you guys have even a rough estimate for when we might see this? I’ve been holding my breath (for a long while) and it would really help me to decide if I should continue to hold my breath in anticipation of being able to “fix” all my notes with their needed images/graphics that I’ve been squirreling away in a very temporary fashion. OR if it really is (realistically) going to be several more months (or more) - then, that’s really useful information - and it helps me make better decisions about how to make my workflow better for me.

BTW, I’m a paid Premium member - I genuinely believe in the awesomeness that you guys are working towards. I’m just asking for a “best guess” to help me make the best use of my time, knowing that you very well may not even remotely make your target (by either way beating it or missing it).

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. - Kevin