How to add photos?

What I did: Try to drag in a photo

What happened: just a shortcut appears

What I expected: Photo in the notes

On the Mac version I’d expect to be able to drag a photo in & save it to the notes.

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Have you checked The features we are working on right now…? The third topic addresses your wish. Know that most of us here are as anxious as you are for this feature to be included. :mantelpiece_clock:

I just installed this yesterday & also bought the yearly plan. I was expecting it to be better than Apple’s notes app which can put photos in, but it doesn’t appear to be able to do that & after going through some of the comments, it looks like it’s been requested back in January… I’ll give it another week or so to see what this app is like, otherwise I’ll just remove it & go back to using the standard notes or DayOne journal.

Thanks for the reply though!

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The mac version launched in January, and since our top priorities were delivering an iOS version (which we did in June) and inline images and attachments support (which we are working on right now).
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I, for one, appreciate how sweet the iOS version is. I actually got it first, THEN downloaded the Mac version. Thanks for taking the time you did to get the iOS right! I’m excited to see how you implement the images enhancement. You’ve got a great development/design team. Agenda is really a terrific and useful tool… and fun besides. Thanks! Your Apple Award is well-deserved. Congratulations!

You will continue to hear us harangue you from the bleachers about images, like parents at their kid’s soccer game. Don’t let it fret you. Carry on. You’ve got your eyes on the prize. Just don’t forget to keep us in the update loop as you progress in that direction.


I’m very happy to let you know that support for adding images is now available: