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Why not charge monthly subscription? Then if user stops paying, they keep what they’ve paid for this far. That seems more like a magazine subscription than your current model.

Your current model creates the following problems.

  1. Whats stopping you from delaying certain updates? Moving it up to following year. To make keep users on the hook. Or limiting updates released?
  2. You will run out of features to add. Resulting in then charging for bug corrections later on. Or does your current model have a way to compensate for bugs corrections for those with older updates?

Overall seems like your pricing model will delay updates from being released. Which is exactly what’s happening. After all, you certainly don’t work for free.


If we had a monthly subscription like other apps, as soon as you stopped paying, you would not receive updates, and the app could stop working. Many apps also simply take away a lot of functionality when you stop paying, so the app becomes just a reader or something like that.

What makes our system unique is that you keep the features you paid for, and you always get the latest version for free, bug fixes and all. It should never stop working.

As for holding features back, why would we do that? You are thinking only in terms of renewals, but we also earn from new customers. It is in our interest to have features in there to tempt new customers to purchase, so holding things back wouldn’t make sense.

In fact, holding things back is something that exists in the standard sales model much more. It is common to “save” features for a big upgrade. Eg. version 2.0. You don’t release the features when you make them, you save them all up for 6 months to a year, and then release them in one hit.


That’s my point. Make it so that if you stopped paying for subscription. You keep what you’ve paid for thus far. Then Like a car, after you upgrade a portion, you keep what you’ve upgraded. Keeping in mind there are only so many features you can add.

I do like the app, it reminds me of red notebook. My only suggestion is to make smaller calendar visible. In the right pane at all times, while pane is showing. Then if clicked, it opens the larger version. It’s nice to see in general when planning.



A subscription where you keep what you already have is really what we already have, with the exception that it doesn’t automatically repeat — you have to purchase yourself again after a period of time. But the idea is similar, and even better really, because you not only keep what you have already, you also get any future updates with bug fixes even if you don’t pay again.


You know, I really like Agenda and I really hope it get put into WorkFlow or whatever Apple decided to rename it.

I upgraded, and to be honest I prefer a yearly subscription.

I’m all about keeping the software and tools around that I are daily drivers in my business.

If that means I have to pay a few extra bucks a year ever year, I’m cool with it- I don’t have to worry about them not updating the app like they should.

What I don’t get is why people think you suppose to pay for a software one time and own it?

Plus, with any real software you still have to pay for upgrades when it change to 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, etc…

I would like to see Agenda keep moving forward with new features without losing the simplicity of the tool and if I can pay few bucks a year for that I think it’s worth the investment.



If I purchase the iOS version now, and decide to upgrade to the MacOS version later, am I charged the difference? How does this work?


We don’t have a formal upgrade. What you can do is contact us when you’re ready through support and we’ll give you a coupon that gives $10 off the price from the Mac+iOS bundle.

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Can you offer a special offer for students?


See this topic:


@mekentosj I’m wondering where I could get iOS beta?


If you leave a comment in this post, we’ll add you the next testing round.


I need to talk with someone of the support
can I talk to you?


We don’t have phone support (we have a small team), but if you email the problem to, or post it here as a support request, we can help.


Hi I must admit I got gently caught in the feature sales pitch : unlock all current fatures and keep them anyway along with the ones coming over a year from now. Very smart way to sell (I read your point on Medium), keep on the great work !


Thank you for developing Agenda! I’ll be honest, I downloaded the app to try it first, then deleted it. Re-installed it, deleted it. I think I did this several times. It took me a while to wrap my head around on what makes Agenda different and how it actually makes meeting notes organization better. So far, I’m really liking the tool. It still doesn’t have all the features I need, but I see that it’s in the roadmap.

I really like your payment scheme. I get turned-off when I see several journaling and note-taking apps have subscription models. Some of them even have weekly subscription models. Why?? Why would I need to pay for an app on a weekly basis? It’s not like they provide updates on a weekly basis. I also hate subscription models where you lose all premium features once the subscription ends.

On the flip-side, the only thing on my mind is the timing of the payment to unlock the premium features. Let’s assume that I’m perfectly happy with the current features and may only need the premium features down the road. I pay for the premium features unlock on 1 Dec 2018, then it “expires” on 30 Nov 2019. On 15 Dec 2019, you release a new premium feature that I would really like to have. It would just be a bummer that if I waited just 15 days, I could have had that feature as part of my previous subscription already. Haha! That would be a win for you because I am now being encouraged to renew my subscription. :stuck_out_tongue: As oppossed to having delayed my subscription for about 15 days, then I would have gotten that feature for “free”. That would be a win for me! Yay! :smile:

I’m just teasing… :stuck_out_tongue:

I like paying for apps because I know there is quality behind it, but I don’t want to purchase apps just to try it first. There are many developers there that would make you pay for their app first, only for you to realize it’s bad.

You providing us with this wonderful tool for free, and invite us to pay for more features, if we need it, is really a great idea! Plus, we keep what we pay for, and we get to support your development efforts so that this app is kept alive for many years to come. I just hate buying an app that a developer suddenly abandons, then you’re stuck with an old app, and have to find a new one.

I’ll be getting premium for my iPad, not really for the premium features, but to support you so that you continue improving the app and keeping it alive. But! I’d like my yearly subscriptions to start at the beginning of the year, which is around the corner. Or, maybe I should get it for my birthday, which is on the first week of December. Haha!

Thank you! More power to you! :+1:


I just bought the premium version. Do you know when the new features (attachment/insert image) will be available ? At this moment, I still feel Notability Apps is more powerful than Agenda. Thanks
Also the UI feature, can it be unique by projects and not apply to all at the same time ? Looking forward to all the improvements.


Thanks for the encouragement. Glad you like the model!


Images and Attachments are nearly ready. We are about to start our beta testing. Update: The Images and Attachments feature is now available.

For the “unique” question, I don’t really understand. Perhaps you can start a new post in the “Feedback” section about what you would like.