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It’s becoming less and less common to do that. Subscriptions, for example, are the same price each year.

In our model, you at least have the option of simply waiting. If you don’t need those new features, you don’t have to pay now, but can wait, and still keep getting bug fixes and non-premium features for free.


I need to find my receipt but cannot locate it in Outlook or Mail - is there any particular keyword that might be associated with the Premium upgrade?

You should be able to get an App Store receipt at

It is better than a magazine subscription. In this case, you get all the back magazines, before you even subscribed, and then again between when you ended the subscription and renewed, even if 1 or 3 years later, and you get another year’s worth of magazines when you do.


Thank you

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Hello, it’s possible the same for me? …I bought the ios version too and need now the macos version.
Thank you.

I’ve sent you a coupon code, many thanks for your support!

I think the key word in your sentence is “repurchase”. When you make a purchase, you are paying for the current set of premium features at that time, plus all the new features coming in 12 months. You get to keep those features and you do not have to repurchase them. You can stop paying the annual fee and keep the features you bought for the covered period. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I would love to buy your guy’s premium and support you guys and let you guys be able to make this app even better than now. I know apple will take some of the money from the premium if I do an in-app purchase so I was wondering if there was any way to pay you guys for it through this website so you get all of the money.

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If you download the non-AppStore version for macOS from, you can purchase directly inside the app.


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Hi I see there’s some discounts available via code. As an Amsterdam UA educator, is that available to me as well?

The coupon codes referred to here are for people who already bought the iOS version and want to add the macOS version. For Agenda we don’t offer educational discounts at the moment, we hope that won’t keep you from purchasing the premium features.

Is there any difference (e.g. in pricing) between unlocking within the direct-download version, and the IAP from the Mac App Store?

Is there any difference (e.g. in pricing) between unlocking within the direct-download version, and the IAP from the Mac App Store?

No, there’s no difference between the two other than that Apple retains 30% while Paddle retains significantly less. But we prefer you to pick the method that you feel works best for you.

Cool, appreciate that transparency and simplicity! Certainly compared with Evernote where there are all sorts of variables like this that can affect what price one is offered.

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Can we switch? I know too late for this year for me. Crazy $ models; I pay via App Store apparently? They take 30%. If I use Apple Card, I get 3% back, so in the end they get 27%, maybe. And you hopefully get 70%. I’d be happy to switch is possible.

If you’re not in the Netherlands, in the EU and buying Agenda as a business expense, you can also specify your VAT-ID during Paddle checkout and deduct that. It’s one of the premier reasons I like to purchase outside the App Store.

Yes, you can switch between versions at any time. Simply remove your old copy of Agenda, and install the other copy. Your license is tracked on our server, so all should work smoothly.

Your data is also safe, because that is kept outside the app.

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