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Hola, Agendans.

Congratulations on the launch; I like your app lots. I’m writing because I’m in the process of selecting a new system that allows for simple & consolidated to-do and project tracking for my staff; I’ve been looking for something more intuitive than Trello, more accessible than Asana, less training-intensive than Airtable, tied to calendar, versatile enough for both daily diligence and multi-part projects. In fact, I’ve been looking for something much more like Notes, to which I tend to default when left to my own literal devices.

So, you can imagine my excitement at coming across Agenda. Upfront, it seems like it might be a great fit—or, that is, it looks like it will be, at some point down the development road. Please tell me if I’m wrong, but currently it seems there’s neither an iOS app, nor a way to co-work with others in something approximating realtime? I don’t need instant GDocs coworking for it, but I do need staff to be able to co-annotate, check off, add, for edit an individual to-do or project as is possible with the current version of Notes.

If I’m correct that this is the case, then sadly, Agenda won’t work for us at this point. I would, however, love to know if you have a sense of the timescale on which those additions might be advanced; if we’re counting weeks or one-handed months, it’s possible that, like the Broadway version of Aaron Burr, I’m willing to wait for it.

Either way, congrats on an excellent idea awesomely executed.


You are certainly right. No iOS or collaboration at this point, but both high priorities.

Here is what we are working on right now and in near future:

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Collaboration seems to be a high priority for you (and many of us who are eagerly waiting for it), but I cannot see it on the list of features been worked on. Can you confirm that we will soon see some kind of basic collaboration? Right now I need to collaborate with others, that’s why I’m using Todoist. Agenda could be the perfect replacement.

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We would like to bring it yes but will probably more medium term and not in the short term.

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