Foldable Outlines

I, too, like Agenda very much so far.

I am interested in your opinion about foldable outlines (bullet points) where indented points can be folded (hidden) and expanded?

I am asking because there are a lot of good note taking applications that lack a lot of usability because of this missing feature. I wonder whether this feature is requested frequently.


Hi Fabio,

Glad you like the app so much!

I am interested in your opinion about foldable outlines (bullet points) where indented points can be folded (hidden) and expanded?

We indeed have ideas on how to make the lists more powerful, foldable outlines would be one of the features that could fit this category. Note though that we on purposely kept things simple as one of our goals is to make the app feel like a blank sheet of paper instead of giving the feeling it forces you into rigid structured notes. We’ll try to keep this balance as we further develop Agenda.


Another big plus one for this. I am a HUGE outline user (Agenda is the successor to years of Omni Outliner - I like your link to time, good concept).

In just my first day I have found myself really, really missing the ability to collapse structures so I don’t have to look at details that aren’t useful right now.

I suggest allowing for different note body types. It’s good to have the plain text version you have now and I wouldn’t want to give that up. But, I would often choose an outline style body so I can hide the endless blab of an email under a sentence summarizing it. Not having to look at the details that are only useful when actuall working on an issue would be great.


I too would like to offer an option for foldable outlines.. I use Agenda for taking notes and creating to-do lists. While I appreciate the current simple structure, the ability fold outlines would help with seeing the large ideas in a document without the distraction of the details.

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More lists options, including the ability to hide or collapse checked items are things we’d like to bring in future updates. See The features we are working on right now…

Just jumping in to agree with this thread/topic of having some sort of foldable, expand/collapse functionality for items. Coming from outliner tools, this is one of the features I miss the most… to be able to hide away details when needed.

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Also putting in my vote for expand/collapse lists. I think this is a very useful feature while not adding too much in terms of complexity. This would allow more useful outlining and list making. To be able to hide or roll-up details makes it much easier to see hierarchy of importance.

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Agreed foldable outlines would be a big plus point. Regarding the point of keeping things simple, which I also think is a plus point. You don’t have to make the use of foldable outlines mandatory, it could be an option?

It is the one reason I don’t switch from WorkFlowy to Agenda as my primary app. I often write long notes and currently I have scroll through everything in a note to get to where I want to be. I like the way WorkFlowy not only allows you to collapse outlines, it allows you to ‘focus in’ on any ‘heading’.


Also here to vote for foldable outlines to focus on one part of a note…

Just voicing my support for this. I’m also an OmniOutliner user and being able to collapse content within a note to improve readability would be a fabulous addition.

Please make foldable outlines!