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Drew, I just started using Agenda for Mac today, and one of the things I’ll be using it for is to track the development of project-related documents. Unfortunately, Agenda doesn’t have a command to link a file on my local hard drive (document in progress) to a specific note. I’ve devised a workaround that others with a similar need may find useful.

First, use Finder to locate the file.
Second, right click on the file and hold down the Option key.
Third, select “Copy ‘filename’ as Pathname.
Fourth, go to the Note to which you want to link the file, select some appropriate text, and select the “Link to…” command under the “Note” menu.
Fifth, in the text box that appears, type “file:” (without quotes) and paste the filename.

Now when you click on the blue text, the folder containing your file opens, with the file highlighted.

Although it takes a few more steps than a built-in command, it does the trick.

Hope you and others find this useful.



You can also simply drag the file into Agenda which creates a link with the name of the file.

Hah! Thanks. I guess I “discovered” a much harder way to do it. Oh well…

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True support for file attachments is among The features we are working on right now…

Thanks. That would be a feature I would use all the time, since almost all
my projects are associated with one or more documents in development.

On a side note, I am impressed by the amount of feedback generated by my
one suggestion.

Hi, I’m Michel and I’m using agenda since a few days. I really like it so far. Maybe you can help me with a small issue I have. Drag and drop from Files-App on iOS to create a link doesn’t work for me.
Thanks for helping me.

Hi Michel,
We will investigate this. We may not have tested this well on iOS. (It certainly works on macOS.)
Kind regards,

I’m really pleased to let you know that you can now add attachments to your notes, see:

File attachment is not working for me for mindnode files. I know I’m doing the correct process as I can attach other type of files. Thanks

Perhaps Mindnode is using a folder rather than a file. You can see this in Finder if you right click on the mindnode file, and choose Show Package Contents.

Agenda can’t currently import folders, but you could zip it and import it. You right click on the file, choose Compress, and then import the zipped file.

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Tries using the Pathname method to link to a folder but could not get that to work