Attaching external documents

I would love to see the safari clipper put a reading version of the page inline…but the simple link would be enough as well…

really looking forward to this feature…starting to use Agenda more and more everyday. It is becoming my documentation bible for development.


Maybe I missed this, but it’s there a way to link to a file Folder instead of a file? for each project I create a general note that I pin to the top.
Currently I drag individual files to this note so no matter what I’m doing I have a quick link to those files. I would rather have a link to the project folder, but when I drag Folders to a note nothing happens.

Thanks, I’m so close to making Agenda my main note app, but need this functionality plus inline images to make it work. (if I could also embed an inline mindmap from mindnode it would be bliss).

Thanks again

I don’t think Folders are supported at this point in time.

Any plans to add it later on?

Possibly, we’ll have to think how this would work with the attachment feature we’re adding right now.


hoorah! great news


Feel very much the same way. Love the app - please add images to notes…

Any ETA on this?

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Can’t give a firm date, but we are working on it hard, and it will not be too long.

A workaround is to drag any document you want from within the folder — that’s what you are already doing. If it’s an empty folder, you could create an empty document as a sort of placeholder doc — into your note.

I assume you already know this, but when clicking on that “link”, it will open the folder and select your document. Right-click on the folder icon in the window and you’re taken one level higher.

Itr’s one step extra, but it does the job, IMO.

Hey Drew,

Not sure if this has been brought up yet, but on top of attaching images or files into the notes, I thought that it would be pretty cool if Agenda can link to services like google drive so that there is no need to reupload anything and have duplicate files (sorta like the calendar integration currently in Agenda where you can just link your notes to an existing event on you calendar but instead it is an existing file).

You guys are doing awesome work! I have really enjoyed using Agenda so far!


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Hi Brandon,
Note that you can currently already copy in links and drag in files to get a link. So that should already be in there.
Kind regards,

I’ve subscribed to Agenda. The only thing stopping me from using it is the lack of attachments. It seems like this promised feature is taking forever.

I am of the same concern. I’d be all in with that feature…but hasn’t happened nor looks to anytime soon!

Actually, happening very soon.

I’m afraid this is a massive feature. It would not be wrong to say we could probably write Photos app faster than adding this feature to Agenda. We have to do all the same stuff as Photos, but in a text editor. Import, export, sync, drag and drop, preview, print, etc etc. It’s just a huge change to the app.

That said, it is very close to done. Stay tuned.

Thank you Drew - I’ll keep an eye out.

Hi Drew,
I just got notified about the new premium feature! Is there a video online to see it in action? cheers, Gernot

Haven’t got a video up, but there is some explanation here: Attachments, Images and Drawings

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We’re super happy to tell that in Agenda 4.0 you can now add attachments to your Agenda notes. Thank you all for helping us bring one of the most requested features to Agenda, we hope you like it!

For more info on how it all works, see this How To topic: