Feedback on Local Agenda App

I started playing with it.
I like the app and I really like the fact that it’s shared in real time, which should make collaboration really convenient.
A few comments about the platform:
• Typing is really slow (probably because it’s shared online in real time — Not saying there should be an easy fix, but mentioning it in case it can be improved :slight_smile: ).
• I’d love a few shortcuts, like “mark as translated and move on to the next string”
• The filter button makes the app crash
• I’d love to be able to feed more strings to the glossary
• I’d also love to be able to search the glossary and have the glossary provide me with partial matches


using the x to reset a search also makes it crash…

I’m moving the feedback on the Local Agenda app here, to not have it mix with the actual translation work.

Maybe move to a separate category that doesn’t show as ‘new’ for those of us not involved in translation? (Sorry, no language except English - very embarrassing)

Thanks for the feedback.

Unfortunately the slowness is partially due to the fact we were experimenting with new technologies from Apple. Have tried various things to speed it up, but remains slow at this point. Perhaps things will improve mid-year when Apple update that new tech.

Shortcuts would be nice. Will consider that. Thanks!

Does the filter button crash the app for you every time? Is this on a Mac?

The glossary is based on some standard translations Apple provides. It’s just a starting point, to give you an idea of vocabulary that “sounds right” etc.

We didn’t setup the glossary to be user editable, but will keep it in mind.

Note that the glossary is actually pretty smart about matches. It looks at the words in your current translation, and then finds the glossary entry with the most similar words. So you should automatically get partial matches ordered by how many words match.

Thanks again for the feedback. We’ll see if we can add some of these as we go on.

Every time, and on a Mac.

I know the Apple glossaries. As I was saying in another thread, I can provide the previous glossaries I had used with the other Mekentosj apps for the French localizations in the past. They might cover quite bit of additional ground…

The problem is, we need the glossary terms in all the languages. Just adding French ones wouldn’t help that much. We have some tricks to apply a match to all languages at once, but that means we do need all the languages.

I can’t get it to crash at all, even when I sign in with your user name.

What version of macOS do you have?

So weird… It crashes all the time for me. I have 10.15.3 on this Mac. It could be a bad interaction with something else. I had weird crashes with the Plex app for instance that were related to Antidote integration

(and sorry for my late response: for some reason I wasn’t getting the forum update notifications)

The new version of the app seems a lot more stable for me: No more crashes sorting A-Z or Z-A, no more crashes dismissing a search/filtering term either.

One thing I’d like in a future version fo the app: let me filter by localized/verified/not localized/verify. That would make my life a lot easier :slight_smile:

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Great to hear that!